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Dear Home Owner,

If you are searching for replacement windows and doors for your home, I would like to show you an easy way to evaluate your replacement purchase with far less hassles, no high pressure sales techniques and in less time than you could expect from traditional window companies.

Hello, my name is Dennis Dunn, General Manager for the Replacement Division at Quality Window and Door. We are unique to the window and door replacement industry because we believe that one window or door cannot fit all needs, wants, styles and budgets. We sincerely believe that our number one job is to educate you and help you make a well informed decision on the purchase of your windows and doors. That is why we represent multiple non proprietary product lines and can provide an unbiased opinion of most window and door products.

In a recent window and door homeowner survey, we found that most homeowners are confused by all of the technical lingo provided about replacement windows and doors and really don’t know what is best for them. I would like to share with you how you can be sure that you evaluate replacement windows objectively without the pressure of a sales person who claims to have one and only one product that is the best money can buy. This free report will educate you and help you make a well informed decision.


This 18 page report is packed full of cold hard facts about windows and will give you all of the information you need to prepare yourself for your replacement purchase.
Don’t even think about buying replacement windows until you have read this report. It was developed to give you important information about replacement windows that most people do not even consider before buying and what most companies don’t even know about or want you to know.

In today’s market more and more window companies are training their reps on sales techniques that involve high pressure that coerce the homeowner into buying products that really don’t fit their needs, wants, style or budget. Smoke and mirrors presentation techniques are used to convince them that this is the one and only product for them. The reps are polished in their presentation but lack experience and education when it comes to alternative products, design choices and replacement techniques.

They don’t have the homeowner’s best interest at heart; they are more interested in what commission they earn. In today’s busy world we realize that your time is at a premium. Even if you are just thinking about replacing your windows and doors right now, the report will give you all of the information you need to get started. Let us help you save time and aggravation.


Dennis Dunn
General Manager, Replacement Division

The protection of your privacy is important to us at Quality Window and Door, Inc. Rest assured that the personal information you provide us with will not be disclosed to other parties and will be used solely for the purpose of bringing you the best service possible.


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