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Glossary of Window & Door Terms

Have you ever been confused when talking to a window and door contractor? Window and door terms can be confusing to average homeowners, so we hope this page is a good resource!

Window & Door Terminology

Aluminum Windows: type of window where the frame and sash are made out of aluminum. Besides their superior strength, one of the few windows great for noise reduction. Read more here.

Bottom rail: bottom horizontal part of a window sash

Casing or trim: exposed molding or framing around a window or door that covers the space between the frame and wall

Caulk: rubber based material used to seal cracks and fill joints to prevent water and air leakage

Coated glass: glass with a reflective exterior surface; can help protect you from UV rays

Drip cap: horizontal molding used to divert water from the top casing so that it drips beyond the outside of the frame; this can prevent water damage

Fenestration: the design and placement of window openings in a home or building

Fixed window: type of window that doesn’t open

Hinge: a moveable joint that allows a window to swing open

Hopper light: inward opening sash that is hinged at the bottom

Jamb depth: width of the window frame from the inside to the outside

Moisture barrier: a material that protects your windows and doors from water damage; polyethylene is often used

Orientation: placement of windows in regard to access, view, sun, etc.

Pane: a sheet of glass for glazing a window

Passivehaus: a European energy trend originating in Germany and Norway. Promotes energy-efficiency in homes as well as renewable sources of energy to make your home more environmentally-friendly.

PVC: a molded plastic material used for window frames and as a thermal barrier for aluminum windows

Reflective glass: type of glass that reflects the sun’s rays

R-value: measure of resistance to heat flow; the higher the value, the better the heat insulating properties

Sash: framework in which the pane of a window is set

U-value: the rate of heat flow through a building (difference between the indoor and outdoor air temperature)

Vinyl Windows: type of window where the frame and sash are created out of vinyl. Great choice for buyers looking for an efficient and cost-effective window material. Read more here.

Weatherstrip: flexible material used to cover the joint of a window between the sash and frame; helps reduce air and water intrusion

Weephole: small holes in the bottom edge of the storm sash to allow rain to wash away from the sill to the outside; helps prevent water damage

Wood Windows: type of window where the frame and sash are made out of wood. Also one of the first materials used to create windows. Advantages are they can be stained and painted. Read more here.

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