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Types of Windows We Carry in DC, MD & Northern VA

There are many factors to consider when replacing your home’s windows, from size and design to placement and costs. Whether to change your home’s aesthetic or raise its property value, getting new windows from our professionals at Quality Window & Door is the best way to go.

Operating since 1989, we have the experience and expertise to fill your home with light and style.

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Our Windows

When you want to add value to your home, consider the aesthetic and functionality you’d like to achieve. With the many window styles we offer at Quality Window & Door, our professionals can help you choose windows that deliver the best of both worlds – indoor and out.

Check out the types of windows we provide and their benefits and functionality to see which might be right for your home.

Casement Windows

These windows have hinges on their side and open outward. They’re commonly placed over kitchen sinks to allow plenty of light in while prepping a meal. Casement windows can also be grouped together for visually stunning combinations and excellent ventilation.

Awning Windows

A type of casement window, awning windows are operated by a crank and open outward. However, unlike casement windows, these are single-sash windows with hinges at the top, so they extend outward, creating an upside-down “v” shape, perfect for letting in a breeze while keeping out rain.

Single-Hung Windows

One of the most commonly used windows for bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways, single-hung windows are double-sash windows where the bottom sash slides up and down, and the top is fixed in place.

Their design makes them perfect for those wanting simplicity and versatility as well as cost-effectiveness.

Double-Hung Windows

Similar to the design of single-hung windows, both sashes on double-hung windows can slide up and down.

This style provides ample ventilation by sliding down the top of the window or letting in a nice breeze by sliding the bottom of the window, making double-hung windows highly functional yet simple.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows open from side to side, making them perfect for tight spaces. Because they don’t open inward or outward, they don’t take up space when open, allowing for fresh air without sacrificing spatial comfort.

They’re also great for letting in tons of natural light and are incredibly energy-efficient and easy to clean because they have fewer parts than most other common window types.

Picture Windows

As the name suggests, this kind of window perfectly captures the view of the outdoors. Picture windows, also known as “direct set” windows, are non-operational, making them one of the most energy-efficient window types.

Their low-profile frame design allows for a maximized view, letting in natural sunlight and providing an incredible picturesque sight. These windows are most commonly installed in dining rooms, living rooms, studies, in-home libraries, and over kitchen sinks.

Specialty Windows

When you want something more dazzling and artistic, we have a variety of specialty windows to give you more creative freedom in your remodeling project. These include:

  • Geometric windows: These windows come in a wide range of shapes, including circle, half-circle, triangle, octagon, oval, trapezoid, and more. These can also be integrated with surrounding operable windows for endless creative possibilities.
  • Venting windows: A perfect blend of vision and functionality, venting windows are a cross between picture windows and casement windows. They provide the view of a picture window with the ventilation benefits of a casement window.
  • Garden windows: For plant- and sun-lovers alike, these windows make it easy to grow houseplants and herbs at your leisure, all while providing a beautiful display for your nature-nurturing efforts.
  • Bow windows: A crowd favorite, bow windows are often a collection of four or more casement windows side by side, creating a rounded look. Perfect for letting in plenty of light, providing a great view, and increasing your home’s value.
  • Box bay windows: Like bay windows, box bay windows have three sides. However, its design is unique in that it protrudes at 90 degrees. These can be designed by pairing a picture window flanked by two double-hung windows or a picture window flanked by two casement windows.

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