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Types of Windows We Carry in DC, MD & Northern VA

No matter what type of windows you’re looking for, if you live in the Maryland, Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia area, we’ve got it at Quality Window & Door! Our window and door company applies a unique, educational sales approach and non-proprietary supply. We use both of these to help you really understand the types of windows available regardless of the style or material.

Wood Windows

When it comes to timeless beauty and elegance, it’s tough to beat the look and feel of premium wood windows. Wood windows are infinitely customizable and can be painted to match any interior or exterior aesthetic. Quality Window & Door carries wood windows in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC from leading manufacturers like Weather Shield.

Learn more about new and replacement wood windows.

Vinyl Windows in DC, MD & VA

Energy-efficient and maintenance-free, vinyl windows come in many different styles, colors, and options. At Quality Window & Door, you’ll find new and replacement vinyl windows from leading brands like Simonton.

Learn more about new and replacement vinyl windows.

CompositWood Windows

CompositWood is an exciting new window material that blends the elegance and beauty of wood windows with the maintenance-free qualities of vinyl window products. Frames and sashes are made from a proprietary mix of specialty polymer and acrylic resins which create an extremely tough core material.

Learn more about our CompositWood windows.

Aluminum Windows

Architects, builders, and homeowners choose aluminum windows because they offer the best overall strength for larger windows and the maximum view due to extremely thin frame profiles. Aluminum windows are also available in many styles and configurations.

Learn more about new and replacement aluminum windows.

Fiberglass Windows

Homeowners looking for a durable, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient replacement window should consider fiberglass windows. Fiberglass windows will not warp, crack, chip, or rot. Fiberglass windows are also virtually unaffected by temperature swings, meaning they have nearly zero expansion or contraction that can lead to air infiltration.

Learn more about new and replacement fiberglass windows.

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Window Styles for DC, MD & VA Homes

  • Double Hung Windows – A window where both the upper and lower sash slide up and down to allow air into the room. The sash are designed to tilt into a room for easy removal or cleaning on both sides from inside a home.
  • Casement Windows – A single-sash window that’s hinged on one side and uses a handle crank that allows the window to swing open to either the right or the left, towards the exterior of a home. We even offer French casement windows.
  • Sliding Windows – Windows that slide open horizontally. Typically available in single, double, and triple units, but can vary by manufacturer.
  • Single Hung Windows – A window with two sash, where the bottom sash slides up and down and the top sash is fixed.
  • Picture Windows – A stationary window used to capture wide views of the exterior landscape. Can be combined with other functional windows such as double hungs and casements, and/or topped with direct set or awning windows for enhanced views
  • Awning Windows – A single-sash window that’s hinged at the top of the sash and uses a handle crank that allows the bottom of the window to swing out towards the exterior of a home.
  • Pass Through Windows – A pass through window allows you to hand food, drinks, or other items from one area to another. There’s usually an elongated sill on both sides of the window to act as a counter or tabletop.
  • Special Shape Windows – Direct-set windows that are available in a number of geometrical shapes including circle, half circle, triangle, octagon, oval, trapezoid, and much more.
  • And More!

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