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What Are Lift & Slide Doors?

Are you looking to replace your old doors, or do you need doors for your new home in the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia area? You’re in luck – Quality Window & Door offers a wide variety of doors, including luxurious lift and slide doors!

What Is a Lift & Slide Door?

A lift and slide door slides open much like a sliding door on a vehicle. But don’t picture a mini-van!  Lift and slide doors are the pinnacle of luxury and beauty – creating uninterrupted panoramic views for your living space. The doors operate on two two-wheel carriages designed to provide extra support and smooth movement. Lift and slide doors are often used for opening up large spaces and are great solutions for patio and veranda doors.

Benefits of Lift and Slide Doors

There are a number of benefits lift and slide doors offer, ranging from appearance to functionality. These benefits include:

The view – lift and slide doors provide spectacular views.

Natural light – if you want to brighten up your space, lift and slide doors can really help.

Appearance – lift and slide doors complement any style of room, from traditional to transitional to sleek, modern spaces.

Operation – the smooth elegant movement of lift and slide doors can’t be beaten!

Sealing – lift and slide doors offer superior sealing and increased energy efficiency.

Space – lift and slide doors require less space than traditional swing patio doors.

Our Selection of Lift and Slide Doors

If you want lift and slide doors for your home in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia, there is no better choice than Quality Window & Door! We offer beautiful and superbly engineered lift and slide doors from top manufacturers, including Panda and Parrett.

The lift and slide doors we carry are equipped with handy features such as:

  • Mid-point locking
  • Rigid high performance track system
  • Standard or low profile threshold

As for the sizes, hardware styles and finishes, there is a wide variety available, and you can find the perfect doors for your home, whether you’re interested in aluminum doors or wood doors.

Many lift and slide doors are custom made to order, so contact our lift and slide door experts today to learn more, and keep an eye out for the next blog post in the What Are…Windows & Door Series!

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