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Geometric Windows

Do you have a unique look in mind for the windows in your home? Perhaps you have a large, angled wall you want to cover with windows to maximize the view. Maybe the upstairs landing could benefit from a little extra natural light.

Whatever the reason you want to install new windows, standard sizes, shapes and operating styles may not suit your needs. In this case, it’s wise to explore the possibility of installing geometric windows.

Quality Window & Door installs custom geometric windows in homes throughout Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Call for a free consultation today or keep reading to learn more.


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What Are Geometric Windows?

Also called specialty shaped windows, geometric windows come in non-traditional shapes. Because they’re a type of picture window and don’t operate, the purpose of geometric windows isn’t to ventilate your home – rather, it’s to add a unique aesthetic to any room you install them in.

These windows come in standard and custom geometric shapes, including circle, half-circle, triangle, octagon, oval, trapezoid and much more. You have the option to customize window shape and size, along with any integration with surrounding operable windows.

Benefits of Geometric Windows

  • Add more natural light to the room: Natural light makes a room feel friendlier and more inviting. Adding a half-circle window over an existing casement or double-hung window allows that much more natural light to enter. A geometric window installed by itself – such as in a walk-in closet, bathroom or staircase landing – adds natural light where there was none before.
  • Create a focal point: Turn an ordinary window into a beautiful focal point by adding geometric windows on the sides or above it. You can also shake up the appearance of a bay window with a half-circle geometric window over it. These custom looks draw attention to themselves and become the room’s primary focal point, making the room appear grander.
  • Maximize views: If you have a beautiful view right outside your window, don’t let it go to waste! Cover the wall with windows from floor to ceiling. Vaulted ceilings with unique angles require custom geometric windows to follow the natural lines of the room.
  • Increase home value: Custom features almost always add value to your home. Geometric windows are sure to do this because they increase home beauty both inside and out, and they make your home more noticeable and unique.
  • Maintain home efficiency: Glass is a poor insulating material. Fortunately, modern geometric windows are built with energy efficiency in mind. Multi-pane glass, gas infill and advanced frame technology all lead to more efficient geometric windows.

Things to Consider with Geometric Windows

  • No operation: Most of the time, geometric windows are stationary. They don’t open, so you can’t rely on them to provide ventilation. Keep this in mind when choosing locations for geometric windows in your home.
  • Higher cost: Because you often need to custom order geometric windows, the purchase price may be higher than standard windows of a similar size. Installation may also prove trickier because special shapes must be cut out of the wall instead of typical rectangles.

Install Geometric Windows in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC

Adding geometric windows to your home can be a lot of fun. The reward of allowing in more natural light and customizing your home to suit your needs is a great reason to choose geometric windows.

Quality Window & Door offers specialty window shapes from several manufacturers. If you reside in the DC metropolitan area, we can provide you with the unique specialty window shapes you want. Stop by one of our showrooms in Maryland and Northern Virginia to see some geometric windows in person. Then to learn more, or to schedule a free window consultation, please contact us online.

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