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Atrium Doors for Homes in Maryland, DC & Virginia


Is it time to upgrade your patio door? Or are you looking to install the ideal product in your new home? Either way, an atrium door could be the perfect option. If you decide to go this route, turn to Quality Window & Door for high-end patio door products and flawless installation services.

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What Is an Atrium Door?

The most accurate way to describe an atrium door is to call it a cross between double French doors and a sliding screen door. Like French doors, an atrium door swings open. But like a sliding screen door, only one panel is operable. Atrium doors can open on the left or the right side, and the hinges are mounted to the same jamb as the inoperable panel.

Atrium Door Sales & Installation in MD, DC & VA

Whether you’re looking for a first-time installation or a replacement patio door, Quality Window & Door has the selection of high-end products you’re looking for. As a non-proprietary dealer, we sell and install atrium doors from many of today’s top brands, which helps ensure you end up with the perfect door for your needs.

In addition to great products, we also have the knowledge and expertise you expect from a qualified patio door installer. Even if the job entails widening the opening before installing the door, we can get the job done. Sit back and relax while we obtain the necessary building permits and perform careful demolition to ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

Benefits of Atrium Doors

With so many patio door styles to choose from, atrium doors could be the right option if you want to enjoy these benefits:

  • More natural light and better views than single-panel patio doors: While atrium doors have the same operation as a basic single-panel patio door, the second inoperable panel allows twice as much natural light to shine into your home. Likewise, you have much better views of the exterior. Whether you want to soak up the landscape or keep an eye on your kids playing in the yard, this is good news.
  • Less expensive than multi-panel patio doors: Wider patio doors offer even more expansive views and natural light, but they cost much more than atrium doors. When you want better views and more natural light without the expense of a multi-panel patio door, this is a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • More energy efficient than French doors: It’s possible to find efficient French patio doors, but because atrium doors only have one operable panel, the same energy-saving technology goes further. This means drafts are minimal with atrium doors, resulting in better indoor comfort and lower utility bills.

Install Atrium Doors with Help from Quality Window & Door

If you’re interested in everything atrium doors have to offer, choose Quality Window & Door as your trusted dealer and installer. We never use high-pressure sales tactics or attempt to pull the wool over our customers’ eyes. On the contrary, we take an educational sales approach, so you feel confident with whatever decision you make.

To see atrium doors in action, visit one of our local showrooms in Maryland and Northern Virginia. While you’re there, feel free to ask us all your questions about different patio doors. We’ll help you define your needs and pair you up with the best possible brand and operating style to suit you.

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