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Types of Window Materials We Carry in DC, MD & Northern VA

Window choice is crucial if you live in the Maryland, Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia area. The right window will make your home stand out in the neighborhood. And the wrong window, well, you’ll stand out but not in the way you want.

At Quality Window & Door, we offer a broad selection of high-quality windows that will make your home look like the proverbial million bucks.

We’ll help you understand the differences between each window option and how nonproprietary supply factors into your decision. We’ll make sure you end up with the right windows for the right look at the right price.

Material Options

Material selection is crucial for many reasons. Durability, sound attenuation, heat gain, and aesthetics are just some of the many factors affecting how your windows will perform in your home.

Each of these impacts appearance and your ultimate enjoyment of the property. It’s not a minor decision, which is why we’ll help you understand the features and benefits of each window material we offer.

Our window material options include:

  • WOOD WINDOWS: For beauty and elegance that never age, premium wood windows are at the top of the list. Wood windows are easily customized to fit your home and desired aesthetic. Replacement wood windows can be painted to blend with your home’s interior and exterior. We offer a range of wood windows manufactured by Weather Shield and other companies ideally suited for homes in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and surrounding communities.
  • VINYL WINDOWS: Sometimes, the best solution is the simplest. Vinyl windows are energy-efficient and maintenance-free, making them ideal for busy homeowners who need a solution that takes care of itself. We offer a full range of replacement vinyl windows from Simonton and many other leading brands.
  • COMPOSITE WOOD WINDOWS: Designed to blend elegance and beauty, CompositWood windows offer the maintenance-free benefits of vinyl windows and the ageless beauty of wood windows. Each frame and sash is created using a proprietary polymer and acrylic resin mix. This creates a strong, durable material that can stand up to everything Mother Nature throws at it.
  • ALUMINUM WINDOWS: Aluminum windows are a favorite choice of homeowners, builders, and architects who design some of the most spectacular homes in the region. Aluminum’s flexibility is supported by superior strength that won’t easily bend, buckle, or break. Because they can be fully customized, it makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of a thin frame within a large window, and more.
  • FIBERGLASS WINDOWS: When you want a low-maintenance, durable, energy-efficient window, it’s hard to beat the strength of fiberglass windows. They’re legendary because they won’t warp, crack, chip, or rot. Plus, they’re not easily affected by temperature changes, meaning they won’t expand or contract and create air leaks that can drain your wallet as the utility bills rise.

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We’ll show you the various options available and tell you more about the benefits of each material!

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