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Shades & Screens from Centor

If you want a sleek, modern patio door that leaves ordinary options in the dust, consider the high-end sliding doors and expandable doors available from Centor. These integrated doors are designed to fit your needs perfectly, with different sizes, panel numbers, and configurations you can customize for your home.

Custom screens and shades are two unique features you can’t forget to include when selecting not just Centor integrated doors, but also French doors, folding doors, and sliding doors. These are designed to help you get the most from your Centor doors in every situation, whether you want the doors open or closed.

Centor Screens

If you look forward to feeling a fresh breeze on summer evenings, but you don’t want insects to enter your home, a screen is a must for your Centor integrated door. Available in a standard or tight weave, Centor screens are made of 72% vinyl and 28% polyester with a sleek charcoal finish. This durable construction stands the test of time so you can keep pests out of your home after years of use.

When you want to fully open your home to the exterior, push the screen aside, and it disappears into the wall to reveal a beautiful view of the yard. This is different from screens on ordinary sliding glass doors that block one panel or the other. Centor screens are free of pleats, joints, and folds to create a clean aesthetic, whether they’re in use or retracted out of sight.

Centor Shades

When you close your Centor doors, you have the option of covering them with a retractable shade. Light-filtering shades block out the harsh sun while blackout shades more effectively darken the room, making them ideal for bedrooms or media rooms. Both types of shades offer privacy after dark. To ensure the shade matches the décor in your home, Centor offers three fabric patterns and over two dozen beautiful colors to choose from.

When in use, the shade acts as an insulating layer over the glass patio doors to help your home more efficiently retain warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. This means you can expect a minimal impact on your energy bills, despite adding a large, beautiful wall of glass to your home.

As with the screens, Centor shades retract into the wall, completely disappearing from view when not in use. This allows you to take full advantage of the beautiful views right outside your window! As an added bonus, shades and screens can be opened from any height, allowing children and people in wheelchairs to operate them with ease.

Screen & Shade Configurations

Screens and shades from Centor work on their integrated door systems, French doors, folding doors, and sliding doors.

For doors less than 15’ 4” wide, you can choose any combination of screen and shade. The screen is stored in one door frame while the shade is stored in the other. You can also opt for just a screen or just a shade.

For doors between 15’ 4” and 30’ 3”, you can choose either a screen or a shade. With these extra-wide doors, half of the screen or shade is stored in each door frame, and they meet in the middle when fully closed.

Install Centor Screens & Shades with Help from Quality Window & Door

If you’re looking for Centor doors for your Maryland, DC, or Virginia home, look no further than Quality Window & Door. As a trusted Centor dealer, we can help you select the right products for your home. Then, we can perform a professional installation, both in new construction and retrofit projects, to ensure the best results for your investment.

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