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High-End Sliding Doors

Featured Brand: Centor

Whether you’re constructing a new home in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia metropolitan area, or you want to upgrade your existing patio door, you might be on the lookout for high-end sliding doors. Centor – a brand based in Chicago, Illinois with a history dating back to 1951 – could have exactly what you’re looking for. Centor offers multiple integrated door systems, including high-end sliding doors.

Characteristics of Centor Integrated Door Systems

Before you choose high-end sliding doors from Centor, you should understand more about the available features.

  • Two-panel configurations: Choose a door with two symmetrical panels for a larger sliding door that provides a greater flow between inside and out. Or opt for an asymmetrical configuration with a smaller sliding door and larger fixed panel of uninterrupted glass. Regardless of which configuration you choose, sliding doors from Centor are available up to 11 feet wide and about 9.5 feet tall.
  • Screens and shades: While it’s great to let in a fresh breeze, you don’t want to allow pests to enter from outside. Insect screens are available in standard or tight mesh to meet your needs. Light-filtering or blackout shades are also available to darken the room and offer privacy when you need it. Screens and shades retract into the wall, completely disappearing from view when not in use.
  • Trims: Centor offers sliding doors with a wood interior and aluminum exterior. Choose from a variety of wood species to add to the warmth and luxury of your home. Then, enjoy the durability and ease of maintenance that comes with an aluminum exterior, available in 10 attractive colors.

Benefits of High-End Sliding Doors from Centor

If you love the idea of integrating indoor and outdoor living, Centor’s high-end sliding doors could be perfect for you. Here’s why.

  • Elegant design: The frameless fixed glass panel provides uninterrupted views of the exterior. Then, the integrated sliding door provides an effortless connection to the outside world. The fixed and sliding panels align precisely for a streamlined look when the door is fully open.
  • Ease of use: Centor has designed a durable sliding door that remains remarkably easy to use. The door is sturdy but slim, robust but easy to slide along the track. The smooth operation is so effortless you can open and close the door with just your fingertips. Plus, the ability to open the screens from any height makes for a child-friendly design.
  • Energy efficiency: While the views are undoubtedly striking, you may feel apprehensive about installing a large sliding patio door from an efficiency standpoint. Fortunately, with Centor’s unique construction techniques, you have nothing to worry about. Thermally improved aluminum construction on the outside and a solid wood lining on the inside provide ample insulation. Plus, you can close the blackout shade on particularly bitter nights to act as an additional layer of glazing to keep the cold out.
  • High-end craftsmanship: Sliding doors from Centor are designed to last, with superior materials and quality craftsmanship that stand the test of time.

High-End Sliding Door Installation in DC, MD & VA

As a resident of the Maryland, DC, or Virginia metropolitan area, choose Quality Window & Door for all your Centor product needs. We can help you choose a high-end sliding door with all the right features and perform a quality installation to ensure you get the most from your investment.

To learn more about Centor integrated doors, please contact Quality Window & Door today. You can also visit one of our Maryland or Virginia showrooms to see high-end sliding doors in action. Then, when you’re ready, schedule a free consultation!

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