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What Are the Longest Lasting Windows?

When you invest in new windows for your home, you want to enjoy them for many years to come. The longer your windows last, the greater value they provide. This might have you wondering, what are the longest lasting windows?

The fact is all windows can last for decades – you simply must be willing to put in more time and effort to maintain some types of windows than others. If you’re looking for maintenance-free windows that still look and function beautifully decades from now, here’s what you need to know.

Comparing Window Durability

  • Wood: Traditional wood windows have undeniable warmth and a high-end appearance, making them desirable to many homeowners. They come with one major drawback, though: wood can rot, chip, warp, crack and decay after years of exposure to the elements. You can prevent this by occasionally sanding and refinishing the window. However, failure to keep up with this maintenance could cause your windows to deteriorate within just a few years.
  • Vinyl: A popular window material, vinyl is made to last. It’s resistant to corrosion and rust, chipping, warping, and peeling. Best of all, you enjoy these benefits without lifting a finger to maintain your vinyl windows.
  • Fiberglass: Another durable option, fiberglass windows won’t rust, warp, corrode or rot. Plus they’re resistant to harsh weather and are immune to insect damage. Fiberglass is typically considered more high-end than vinyl.
  • Aluminum: Most often used in commercial buildings, aluminum windows are strong and durable. Since metal conducts heat, you should choose thermally improved aluminum windows manufactured with thermal breaks and rubber spacers to improve energy efficiency.
  • CompositWood: Called by some the “windows of the future,” CompositWood windows are made of a proprietary mix of specialty polymer and acrylic resins to achieve a product with the strength of aluminum, maintenance freedom of vinyl and elegant appearance of wood. These windows can withstand the harshest weather conditions and promise to be around for many years to come.

How to Help Your Windows Last Longer

  • Consider wood-clad windows: If you’re disappointed by the idea that you can only enjoy the look of wood windows if you put in the time and effort to maintain them, look into wood-clad windows. These feature a durable material on the exterior to endure the brunt of the elements – such as vinyl or fiberglass – and wood on the interior so you can enjoy the warmth of this material from inside your home – oak, pine and mahogany are especially popular choices. Wood-clad windows provide a way to enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • Cover your windows: Regardless of the frame material you choose, window panes are susceptible to breaking if they’re hit by hail or Jimmy’s homerun. Consider exterior shutters or storm windows to provide an added layer of protection during hail storms, windy weather or even when your kids are playing catch in the yard.
  • Caulk and weather strip your windows: After several years, your windows may start to leak. Instead of considering a replacement, save money and restore your windows’ efficiency by sealing cracks and joints with caulk. Then reapply weatherstripping where the windows close to help them achieve a gasket-like seal.

At Quality Window & Door, we offer a variety of replacement windows from today’s top manufacturers. We understand durability is an important characteristic when choosing new windows, so we’ll help you select the right material to meet your needs.

To learn more about long-lasting window replacements, please contact us today. We offer free consultations so you can receive answers to all your questions and start your project on the right foot.

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