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Custom Window Stains for Weather Shield Replacement Windows

There are many factors to consider when buying replacement windows for your home. After choosing a window material and operating style, you have other important aesthetic customizations to make, including selecting an interior stain color. With new offerings from Weather Shield, you don’t have to settle for basic color options. Learn more about the new custom window stains from Weather Shield and how to choose the right one for your Maryland, DC, or Virginia home.

Weather Shield’s Designer Interior Window Stains

Weather Shield has partnered with Sherwin Williams to offer 10 new furniture-grade window stains in colors that reflect the latest interior trends. These high-quality finishes have the same visual appearance as a piece of fine furniture with consistency throughout the entire window or door frame.

weather shield custom window stains for replacement windows in washington dc, maryland, and virginia

In fact, the staining process is similar to that of quality furniture: a craftsman with years of experience applies the stain in a controlled factory setting. The five-step process begins with a wood conditioner, which creates a uniform surface for the stain to absorb evenly, reducing unwanted color variations. The final step involves applying a premium Italian polyurethane topcoat to ensure long-lasting color without unpleasant yellowing.

Applying stain before the window leaves the factory helps customers avoid the need to find highly skilled subcontractors to complete this work on-site. Plus, factory-applied finishes have superior consistency, quality, and durability compared to stains applied during the installation process.

How to Choose an Interior Window Stain

With so many traditional and designer interior window stains to choose from, you might feel overwhelmed when the time comes to make your choice. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a doctorate in color theory to select the appropriate window stain. Just keep these considerations in mind:

  • Room size: Since dark colors tend to make a room appear smaller, it’s wise to opt for a rich window stain if you want an overwhelmingly large area to feel cozier. On the other hand, if you’re choosing a window finish for a small office or bedroom, a lighter color might be best to brighten up the room and help it feel a little larger.
  • Wall color: In general, matching white or light-colored walls with light window stain and dark walls with dark window stain works best. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, such as if you have a small room with dark walls that you want to brighten up with light window frames. Contrasting a light wall with dark window frames can also be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Other wood finishes in the room: For kitchen windows, it’s best to choose an interior window stain that matches your cabinetry. This creates continuity and ensures the two finishes don’t clash. Also, if you have hardwood throughout your home, you might want the window frame and trim to match.
  • Your personality: There isn’t a set formula for choosing an interior window stain. In the end, if it suits your tastes, it could be right for your home.

View Custom Window Stains from Weather Shield in DC, MD & VA

When in doubt about which window stain to choose, seek a professional’s guidance. The experts at Quality Window & Door can help you make the right selection. Simply visit one of our local showrooms in Maryland and Northern Virginia to see Weather Shield’s new custom window stains in person. While you’re here, seek advice from one of our experienced staff members. We’ll educate you about your options, not pressure you into making one decision or another.

To learn more about Weather Shield window stains, or to request an installation estimate, please call 1-800-370-8751 or contact us online today.

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