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How to Take Care of Wood Windows

Wood windows offer unparalleled aesthetics, particularly for those who want to give their homes an authentic historic or craftsman look. Unfortunately, however, wood windows can quickly become an eyesore if they are not properly maintained. Modern window materials like vinyl and fiberglass require very little maintenance, but even with modern paints and stains, wood windows require frequent cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking and operating their best.

In the sections below, we will discuss steps you can take to keep your wood windows looking and functioning like new for longer.

Staining or Painting

Immediately following the installation of your wood windows, all bare wood windows must have a high quality finish applied to both the exterior and interior surfaces. Over time, this finishing will wear down and your wood windows will need to be refinished to avoid damage to the wooden parts.

The exterior of your windows will need to be refinished more frequently than the interiors, as they are exposed to much harsher elements than the interior. Before refinishing your windows, use a fine grit sandpaper to smooth the wooden surface to ensure a clean, flat application.

If you choose to paint your windows instead of staining or simply water sealing them, you should first prime the window frame if this was not already done by the manufacturer. Priming the window will allow for maximum adhesion of the paint. Once the primer has been applied, use a latex or oil-based paint.

Regularly inspect your finish or painting to look for areas of degradation. If there is any visible degradation, the window frames should be refinished or repainted to protect from moisture damage.


Over time, dirt, dust, and debris can build up on your window frames—especially on the exterior. This dirt is often superficial, but it can mask more serious issues that lie beneath. Cleaning your windows regularly will help you spot trouble areas like cracks and peeling finish or paint that could lead to frame rot later on.

To clean your windows, use a soft-bristled brush and warm water. If there are heavier accumulations of dirt, use a mild household detergent.

If you discover cracks in your window frames while cleaning, these cracks should be sealed with a matching finishing product or primer and matching paint. If the cracks are large enough to have an aesthetic impact on the window frame, they can be filled with wood filler and sanded down.


Caulking protects the edges of your window frame from moisture and the damage it can bring. Regularly inspect the exterior caulking around the outer edges of the window frame. Trim off any loose or cracked caulking that you find and seal the gaps with high-quality exterior caulk. Don’t use caulk intended for interior applications, as this will provide little to no protection against the elements and will quickly degrade.

Wood Windows by Weather Shield

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At Quality Window & Door, we recommend wood Windows by Weather Shield. Weather Shield has an extensive selection of wood window and door products with a variety of design choices and features.

Weather Shield offers both full-wood windows as a part of their Weather Shield line of windows and a variety of products that feature real wood interiors combined with aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass exterior cladding.

Weather Shield’s new Weather Shield ReInvented campaign launched last year with an emphasis product quality and industry-leading energy efficiency features to meet market demand for energy efficient windows.

Weather Shield Premium Series windows are an architectural grade window that can be manufactured to meet a number of designs. Although the Premium Series line of windows are not full wood windows, the aluminum-clad exteriors mimic the look of real wood windows, giving you the traditional look you want with the added strength of aluminum-cladding on the exterior.

Wood Windows in MD, DC & VA

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