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Single-Hung Windows for Homes in MD, DC & VA

Does your home suffer from drafts, uncomfortable rooms, and high energy bills? Are your windows chipped, hard to open, or completely broken? If any of these scenarios are true, it sounds like you could use new windows. You have so many options to choose from, but classic single-hung windows could be just right. Their beauty and versatility make single-hung windows appropriate for both residential and commercial applications.

If you’re located in Maryland, DC, or Virginia, let Quality Window & Door install your new single-hung windows. To request an estimate for your window replacement project, please call 1-800-370-8751 today.

Features of Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are among the most commonly installed windows in America. If you’re not exactly sure what they are, picture vertically oriented windows that slide up and down. As opposed to double-hung windows, only the bottom sash is operable while the upper sash remains fixed. For added aesthetic appeal and more natural light, single-hung windows are often styled with an arched or specialty-shaped top.

Benefits of Installing Single-Hung Windows in Maryland, DC, and Virginia

  • Security: Because they only open in one direction, there are fewer potential points of failure in a single-hung window’s locking mechanism. It’s also easier to lock up at night or for the season with only a single lock to engage on each window.
  • Energy efficiency: Fixed windows are the most efficient type of window because air infiltration is extremely minimal. Since single-hung windows only feature one movable sash, less air makes its way through the fixed sash, even as the window ages and settles or warps slightly. Less air infiltration means lower heating and cooling bills.
  • Space-saving versatility: Single-hung windows are popular in bedrooms, studies, living rooms, and hallways because of their versatile design. Rooms overlooking high-traffic sidewalks or patios benefit from windows that slide rather than pivot outward. This allows for extra sunlight and ventilation without taking up valuable outdoor living space.
  • Cost: If you’re trying to purchase new windows on a budget, and you don’t need to operate the upper sash, single-hung windows are a great choice. With fewer moving parts than double-hung windows, they’re often more affordable.

Single-Hung Windows from Weather Shield

At Quality Window & Door, we have a non-proprietary supply of single-hung windows from various manufacturers. We never pressure you into making a purchase – instead, we focus on helping you find the best products for your needs and budget. Our educational approach ensures you make an informed purchase you can be happy with for years to come.

Weather Shield is one of our single-hung window suppliers. You can choose from either all wood or aluminum-clad wood, which is extruded aluminum on the exterior and natural wood on the interior. Then, choose from thousands of configurations featuring different wood species, finishes, colors, trims, and shapes. Weather Shield single-hung window styles include:

  • Eyebrow windows with a curved top edge
  • Arch windows with a half-circle top edge
  • Gothic windows with a sharp arch at the top
  • Specialty shape windows available in a variety of geometric shapes

Whether you have a modern home or you’re searching for replacement windows appropriate for your historic home, single-hung windows from Weather Shield could be exactly what you’re looking for. Then, to get the final results you’re expecting, rely on Quality Window & Door to perform the installation.

Call our office at 1-800-370-8751 or contact us online today to see why Quality Window & Door is the best source for beautiful, functional single-hung windows.

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