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Benefits of Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows have long been popular in the United States—and around the world—because of their inexpensive material cost and durability. Although they have given way to vinyl windows as the most popular type of window installed in the United States today, they remain a very popular type of window and with today’s modern window advancements, they are better than ever.

Aluminum windows, unlike wood and vinyl windows, are exceptionally strong and durable. That is not to say that wood and vinyl windows are not durable, but the weight to strength ratio of aluminum windows allows them to have the largest selection of window configurations. In fact, they can be as much as three times the strength of vinyl windows and more than 50 times as strong as wood windows—making them perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

In recent years, aluminum windows have been abandoned by some replacement window shoppers because of the perception that they are less energy-efficient than other types of windows on the market—a valid concern since aluminum conducts heat and cold very efficiently. Today’s modern aluminum windows incorporate thermal breaks, insulated frames, and multiple panes of glass, which have improved their energy efficiency significantly.

Unlike vinyl windows, aluminum windows will never warp, will never rot like wood windows, and, as a non-ferric metal, will not rust. Additionally, today’s anodized or baked-on finishes will not fade or chalk like the paint of the past—meaning your windows will look new for years with minimal maintenance.

Our Aluminum Window Products

At Quality Window & Door, we carry a number of aluminum window products from leading aluminum window manufacturers, including:


Aluminum-Clad Windows

If you want the strength and durability of aluminum windows but the premium aesthetics of a wood window, we have just the product. We carry aluminum-clad windows—featuring an extruded aluminum exterior with a real wood interior. We carry aluminum-clad windows from the following companies:

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