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Aluminum-Clad Windows in MD, DC & VA

Do you want the classic aesthetic qualities of wood windows without the work involved with maintaining them? Do you want strong and durable, but affordable windows? If so, we have the perfect product for you! Quality Window & Door offers aluminum-clad windows that combine a low-maintenance aluminum exterior with the elegance of real wood interiors.

If you are considering aluminum-clad windows for your home, or want to learn more about our selection, contact us today to schedule an in-home consultation or visit one of our window and door showrooms in Maryland or Northern Virginia.

Types of Aluminum-Clad Windows

There are two types of aluminum-clad windows on the market today. They are:

  • Extruded Aluminum-Clad Windows – Extruded aluminum is the strongest and most durable form of cladding. Extruded aluminum has the thickness of a nickel and maintains its shape better than other forms of cladding—keeping your windows looking like new for years.
  • Roll-Form Aluminum-Clad Windows – Roll-form aluminum-clad windows are typically sold as an affordable aluminum-clad option. Unlike extruded aluminum cladding, roll-form cladding is approximately the thickness of a soda can—making it less durable than its extruded aluminum counterparts.

Why Choose Quality Window & Door for Aluminum-Clad Window Installation?

What makes Quality Window & Door unique is our educational sales process and our non-proprietary selection of aluminum-clad windows. Many window contractors in the Baltimore-Washington area sell only their brand and employ high-pressure sales tactics. You’ll never get “hard closed” at Quality Window & Door. Call our office today or schedule a visit to one of our local showrooms and you’ll see why we’re the “go-to guys” for many of the top builders, architects, and commercial property management companies in the area—as well as discerning homeowners!

The more you know about aluminum-clad windows, the more likely you’ll be to buy them from Quality Window & Door, so call us today and tell us about your situation. We’ll make sure you get the right product for your project—even if it means you don’t buy from us!

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