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Infinity from Marvin Replacement Windows in Maryland, DC & Virginia

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Infinity from Marvin is one of our favorite products to provide to our customers because of its durability, low-maintenance performance, and customizable options.

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As a Marvin window dealer, Quality Window & Door is proud to carry products from the Infinity from Marvin line. These Ultrex fiberglass replacement windows and doors are designed to mimic the look of traditional wood, but are built to last a lifetime with convenient, low-maintenance performance. Customizable options allow Infinity from Marvin windows and doors to meet the needs of any replacement project.

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Infinity from Marvin Options & Features

Consider the various window types available from the Infinity from Marvin line, all of which are made of tough, energy-efficient Ultrex fiberglass:

  • Infinity from Marvin double-hung windows: Enjoy the classic look of double-hung windows with all the modern benefits of fiberglass. Smooth, effortless operation and quality hardware make for a beautiful addition to your home. Plus, the easy-tilt feature eases the task of cleaning.
  • Infinity from Marvin glider windows: Also known as sliding windows, gliders are the perfect solution if a swinging sash doesn’t work with the layout of your home. A combination of smooth operation and a tight seal makes Infinity from Marvin glider windows the perfect addition to your home. Choose from left, right, or triple sash configurations.
  • Infinity from Marvin casement windows: Casements from the Infinity from Marvin line are easy to choose, easy to operate, and easy to love. The optional ClearView hinge keeps the sash tight to the frame for maximum views of the outdoors. Great features, such as tuck-away folding handles and the EasyWash hinge, make these casements a beautiful addition to your home. Choose from left- or right-hinged windows to suit your needs.
  • Infinity from Marvin awning windows: Increase your home’s ventilation in tricky areas with awning windows. Dual locking points, scissor arm operation and folding hardware make for a beautiful, durable window.
  • Infinity from Marvin bay windows: Add interest and drama to any room with a three-panel bay window. This low-maintenance option from Marvin allows more sunlight to enter and expands your view of the outdoors. Double-hung and casement bays, with a fixed or operating center window, are available to suit your needs. Bare pine or oak head and seat boards allow for painting or staining to match your home’s interior.
  • Infinity from Marvin bow windows: The gentle curve of a bow window features four-, five-, or six-panel assemblies with casement windows in the outer two positions. Bare pine or oak head and seat boards allow for painting or staining to match your home’s interior.
  • Infinity from Marvin round-top windows: Adding a half-round above a standard window is the perfect way to add extra light and style to a room. Custom sizes are available to fit virtually any opening. The elegance of round-top windows is complemented by incomparable durability when you choose the Infinity from Marvin line.
  • Infinity from Marvin polygon windows: Geometric windows expand your views and add a special touch to your home. Custom sizes and shapes are available to suit any space. Choose from trapezoids, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, and octagons in virtually any size and configuration.

Customization Options

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all window replacement. Customize your Infinity from Marvin windows and doors to achieve exactly the look you want. Choose from many options, including:

  • Interior and exterior finishes
  • Glazing options, including tempered glass, decorative glass, sound-insulating glass, and low-E coatings
  • Window grille styles
  • Hardware finishes
  • Screens
  • Staining

Ultrex Replacement Windows from Infinity from Marvin

All Infinity from Marvin windows are designed to replicate the look and feel of traditional wood windows, but they offer the low maintenance and high performance you expect from a modern window material. Ultrex fiberglass is the key to making this possible. Technically, the Ultrex line is considered a composite window (if you’re looking for composite replacement windows for your home) as it’s made of several different materials. Like traditional composite windows, Infinity from Marvin’s Ultrex fiberglass material is extremely durable in preventing distortion in extreme heat or fluctuating temperatures. It also has the lowest thermal expansion rate among composite windows, keeping the window weathertight and reducing the risk of seal failures and air leakage.

EverWood Replacement Windows from Infinity from Marvin

What if you could enjoy the positive characteristics of real wood windows without the negatives? When you choose EverWood interior finish on your Infinity from Marvin replacement windows, you can! This wood grain interior finish is exclusive to the Infinity from Marvin replacement window line.

EverWood has impressively realistic wood grain details on the interior that fool even the most studious observer into believing it’s actual wood. These windows look, feel, paint, and stain like the real thing. Then, the exterior is made of engineered Ultrex fiberglass with a patented acrylic finish. This promotes low maintenance and long-term durability against the elements.

Why Marvin?

At Quality Window & Door, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality window and door products. We choose Marvin as one of our window and door providers because of the company’s long history of quality products. Marvin has been serving the community since 1912, and they have built a solid reputation for the quality and beauty of their products. Marvin continues to innovate, adding new materials to their lineup that ensures the right fit and durability for their products. Their windows have thoughtful details woven throughout and high-quality craftsmanship that make them a beautiful addition to your home.

Marvin Windows and Doors FAQs

Are Infinity from Marvin windows and doors green products?

Marvin is committed to providing green products by using environmentally friendly processes to create their windows. In addition, they use sustainable practices in the communities where they are located, giving back to the environment whenever possible. Finally, Infinity from Marvin windows help reduce wasted energy in your home, and that means a reduced carbon footprint for each property that uses them.

Are Marvin windows and doors made in the United States?

Yes, Marvin products are manufactured in various locations, but all are in the United States. When you purchase Marvin window and door products, you are investing right back in the American economy. That’s one of the reasons we choose Marvin as one of our window and door manufacturers.

Are Ultrex fiberglass windows high-quality windows?

Yes, Ultrex fiberglass Infinity from Marvin windows are high-quality windows. They look and feel like wood, but are a low-maintenance product you don’t have to paint or worry about having leaks. Even in extreme heat conditions or when temperatures fluctuate, these windows will hold their shape well. That’s one of the reasons we are proud to offer Infinity from Marvin windows.

To Learn More…

For more information about the Infinity from Marvin line, or if you would like a free in-home consultation, please contact Quality Window & Door. We are an Infinity from Marvin window and door dealer, serving the DC, MD, and VA areas. You can also visit one of our window and door showrooms to see Infinity from Marvin products in person and get answers to your questions.

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