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Infinity from Marvin Replacement Windows with EverWood Interior Finish

Do you love the look of real wood windows? You’re not alone. Even as other competing window materials have entered the marketplace in recent decades, wood has remained one of the most sought after window types because of its warmth and aesthetic appeal. But is wood the best window option out there? Once you learn more about the EverWood interior finish available for Infinity from Marvin replacement windows, you may realize this modern alternative is far superior.

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Considering Real Wood Windows

For centuries, wood windows were crafted by skills artisans, and high-quality modern versions retain details that give the feeling of handmade craftsmanship. One reason wood windows remain popular is because they can be stained. This adds warmth, beauty, and charm to a home that other window materials can’t match.

Wood comes with one major drawback, however – to sustain its warmth, beauty, and charm for years to come, wood requires preservation and care in the form of sanding, scraping, and refinishing. But who has time to add yet another maintenance task to their to-do list?

Infinity from Marvin Introduces EverWood Replacement Windows

What if you could enjoy the positive characteristics of real wood windows without the negatives? When you choose EverWood interior finish on your Infinity from Marvin replacement windows, you can! This wood grain interior finish is exclusive to the Infinity from Marvin replacement window line.

EverWood has impressively realistic wood grain details on the interior that fool even the most studious observer into believing it’s actual wood. These windows look, feel, paint, and stain like the real thing. Then, the exterior is made of engineered Ultrex fiberglass with a patented acrylic finish. This promotes low maintenance and long-term durability against the elements.

EverWood windows don’t come with a predetermined color choice – instead, they come to you as a bare wood finish. This way, you can customize the stain color you choose to match the existing wood floors, cabinetry, or furniture in your home. Pick any beautiful stain you want. From light maple or cherry to darker mahogany or rosewood, these and many other finishes look beautiful when applied to Marvin EverWood windows.

Benefits of EverWood Windows Over Real Wood Windows

The most impressive characteristic of EverWood is its resistance to moisture. Unlike wood, this material is impervious to the effects of condensation and moisture buildup. Your windows will never discolor, swell, warp, or rot the way wood does. This is possible because EverWood is an inorganic material, meaning it can’t support mold, mildew, or bacteria growth that causes these negative effects when wood is exposed to water.

Thanks to EverWood’s ingenious construction, it’s a very long-term material. The interior EverWood frame permanently adheres to a fiberglass substrate for lifetime performance. It’s virtually impossible for EverWood or the fiberglass substrate to deteriorate or lose its adhesion. This claim is backed by Infinity’s limited lifetime warranty.

Then, you have durable Ultrex fiberglass on the exterior to take on the elements. With this combination of invincible EverWood on the interior and unbeatable Ultrex on the exterior, these windows truly are built for life. They’ll probably be the last replacement windows you ever buy.

Marvin EverWood Windows from Quality Window & Door

EverWood windows are not real wood, but thousands of satisfied customers who love the look of wood grain will readily confirm that choosing EverWood was no compromise at all. If you’re interested in installing Infinity from Marvin replacement windows in your MD, DC, or VA home, please contact Quality Window & Door at 1-800-370-8751 for a free project estimate. We also invite you to visit one of our local Maryland or Virginia showrooms to check out EverWood windows in person.

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