Sliding Patio Doors

Are you hoping to replace your old patio door? Look closely at homes in Alexandria, Baltimore, Annapolis and Bethesda and you’ll notice many of them have sliding glass doors. In fact, this is probably the style that comes to mind when you think of patio doors. There’s a reason sliding doors are so popular, and when you choose Quality Window & Door as your supplier and installer, you’re sure to be completely satisfied.

Sliding Patio Door Sales & Installation in MD, DC & VA

Whether you already have an opening large enough to accommodate a sliding patio door, or you need to widen the door frame before installation can begin, turn to Quality Window & Door for the job.

We carry top products from some of today’s best manufacturers in a variety of styles and materials to suite your tastes. Then we provide expert installation for a finished product you can be proud to show off to your friends and neighbors.

Benefits of Sliding Patio Doors

With several types of patio doors to choose from, what makes sliding glass doors a good option? Consider the benefits to help you decide if a sliding patio door is right for your home.

  • Save space: Since sliding doors don’t pivot to open, you can maximize the space on either side of the door. For example, during a packed party, you can place a table and chairs right up near the sliding patio door without blocking its use.
  • Enjoy more natural light: Sliding patio doors are twice as wide as hinged doors. Plus, they’re almost entirely glass, allowing more natural light to enter your home. This brightens up the space and reduces the need for artificial lighting, which reduces your electric bills.
  • Experience a panoramic view: An extra wide opening not only lets light enter, but it also lets you see outside better. This characteristic makes sliding patio doors a particularly great choice if you have a scenic garden you want to enjoy from inside.
  • Give the appearance of a larger space: Similar to hanging a large mirror on the wall, installing a sliding glass patio door creates the illusion of a roomy interior. It’s an easy way to make your home feel more spacious without tearing down any walls.
  • Connect the indoors with outside: When you’re hosting a party, keep the action flowing smoothly by leaving the sliding patio door open. To enjoy a nice breeze without letting any pesky insects inside, leave the screen closed.

Choose Quality Window & Door for Sliding Patio Door Installation

At Quality Window & Door, we have the sliding patio doors you’re looking for. To take a look at products from a number of top brands, please schedule a visit to one of our local showrooms in Maryland and Northern Virginia. The chance to see our products in person ensures your full confidence once you make your final selection.

Our educational sales approach is one quality that sets us apart from other window dealers and installers in MD, DC and VA. Our goal is to help you become an educated consumer. We never use high-pressure sales tactics or attempt to pull the wool over your eyes. In fact, we believe the more you know about quality patio doors, the more you’ll recognize the value of working with Quality Window & Door!

To get your project started on the right foot, please contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll help start the process of selecting the right sliding patio door for your Maryland, DC or Northern Virginia home. We’re happy to help – even if you end up deciding not to buy from us!

Timelapse of Sliding Patio Door Installation

Here's a look at our door installation process!

See our Maryland door installation experts in action with this timelapse video of a recent project!