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Infinity® from Marvin® Replacement Windows in Maryland, DC & Virginia

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Infinity from Marvin is one of our favorite products to provide because of the durability, low-maintenance performance, and customizable options.

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As an Infinity from Marvin partner, Quality Window & Door is proud to offer Infinity products featuring Ultrex® fiberglass. Designed with traditional profiles, Infinity offers a complete collection of styles, features, and options to complement any home. Match the existing style of your home or try something new and modern.

Customizable options allow Infinity from Marvin windows and doors to meet the needs of any replacement project.

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Infinity from Marvin Options & Features

Consider the various window types available from the Infinity from Marvin line. All Infinity products are made with Ultrex fiberglass for durability that lasts. Ultrex is 8x stronger than vinyl. Strength that translates to exceptional stability, long-term ease of operation, low maintenance and superior performance. Infinity’s proprietary acrylic finish is thicker and smoother than the competition, resisting denting and performing so well that dark colors are offered without fear of UV degradation or fading.

  • Infinity from Marvin double-hung windowswhite double-hung window with grids.: A classic style, the Infinity Double Hung window has been designed for modern performance. Tilt the window in for easy cleaning. Enjoy how smoothly your new window will open and close from the top and bottom.
  • Infinity from Marvin glider windows: For a streamlined look, consider the Infinity Glider window. Enjoy a cool breeze and wide-open views without worrying about your window opening and closing into outdoor spaces. Glider windows feature ergonomic handles, a two-point concealed lock, and sleek hardware.
  • Infinity from Marvin casement windows: Infinity Casement windows feature two hinge options for simple cleaning or larger, unobstructed views. Casement windows are easy to operate with a hand crank on the bottom of the frame. Infinity Casements can be designed with either a left or right hinge for ease of operation customized for your home.
  • small awning window below larger picture window.Infinity from Marvin awning windows: Awning windows are perfect for tight spaces or placed higher on a wall for additional privacy. The sash swings outward from the bottom so you can enjoy a fresh breeze with great ventilation.
  • Infinity from Marvin bay windows: Bay windows are constructed with three or more windows at an angle. Add space and light to your home with the Infinity Bay window, the perfect space for a cozy reading nook in your home.
  • Infinity from Marvin bow windows: The Infinity Bow window is built with a gentle curve to capture light from multiple angles and completely transform a room. Bow windows are available in casement configurations that open outwards so you can enjoy natural light and fresh air.
  • Infinity from Marvin round-top windows: Add visual interest to a room with the Infinity Round Top window. Round Top windows are the perfect complement to other Infinity windows and can be placed above a window to add light and architectural aesthetics to your home. Another consideration is the Infinity Single Hung Round Top window, adding character and beauty to your home while providing the same superior performance as a traditional Single Hung window.
  • Infinity from Marvin polygon windows: Combine multiple Infinity windows in select polygon shapes and sizes to add natural light and architectural interest to your home – or use a specialty shape as a large picture window for stunning views.

Customization Options

Customize your Infinity windows and doors to achieve the desired look for your home. Infinity from Marvin products are made-to-order based on your specifications. Some customization options include:

  • Interior colors and finishes
  • Exterior Colors
  • Glazing options, including tempered glass, decorative glass, sound-insulating glass, and various low-E coatings
  • Simulated-divided-lites and grilles-between-the-glass in various styles, sizes, and color options
  • Hardware and hardware finishes
  • Screens
  • EverWood® Staining

Graphic of EverWood stain to match options.

Infinity’s Ultrex Fiberglass

What sets Infinity Ultrex fiberglass apart? Ultrex is 8x stronger than vinyl. The strength of Ultrex translates to exceptional stability, long-term ease of operation, low maintenance and superior performance. The low thermal expansion rate of Ultrex allows Infinity windows and doors to expand at nearly the same rate as glass, making the windows and doors more resistant to leaks and seal failures.

Graphic of "Why Infinity?" about Infinity from Marvin windows, crafted with Ultrex.

EverWood Replacement Windows from Infinity

What if you could enjoy the characteristics of wood windows without the maintenance? With the EverWood interior finish from Infinity, you can! This wood grain interior finish is exclusive to the Infinity from Marvin replacement window line.

EverWood can be stained to match any existing wood features in your home. EverWood looks, feels, paints, and stains like wood but is completely low maintenance. It won’t absorb moisture or decay over time, so you can enjoy the lasting beauty of your windows and doors.

Graphic explaining EverWood versus natural wood windows.

Why Infinity from Marvin?

Marvin has provided customers with premium-quality windows and doors for more than 100 years. As one of the largest manufacturers of made-to-order window and door products, Marvin continues to lead the industry in product design and function. Family-owned and operating under the leadership of the 4th generation, Marvin has grown to become an iconic Minnesota company with exceptional sales and service support.

Infinity from Marvin Replacement Windows were created to be a true differentiator in the market. Engineers were given a challenge: design the best fiberglass materials in the industry. Infinity was officially launched in October 2002 as Marvin’s dedicated replacement window product. Quality Window and Door was selected as Infinity’s independent retail partner for our decades of experience and service.

Marvin Windows and Doors FAQs

Are Infinity from Marvin windows and doors eco-friendly?

Marvin is committed to providing green products by using environmentally friendly processes to create their windows. They also use sustainable practices in the communities where they’re located, giving back to the environment whenever possible.

Infinity from Marvin windows help reduce wasted energy in your home, which means a reduced carbon footprint for each property that uses them.

Are Marvin windows and doors made in the United States?

Infinity windows and doors are manufactured in Fargo, North Dakota. Marvin employs more than 7,000 team members throughout North America who are united in one purpose: to imagine and create better ways of living.

Are Ultrex fiberglass windows high-quality?

Infinity’s Ultrex fiberglass windows and doors are built to perform. Even when temperatures fluctuate, Infinity windows and doors hold their shape. Infinity from Marvin is committed to quality, which is one of the reasons we’re proud to offer Infinity.

To Learn More…

For more information about Infinity from Marvin, or to schedule an in-home consultation, contact Quality Window & Door. We’re proud to be an Infinity dealer partner serving the DC, MD, and VA areas. You can also visit one of our window and door showrooms to see Infinity products and have your questions answered.

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