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Introducing Intus Windows for Your Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia Home

Quality Window & Door is proud to announce the latest addition to their product lineup—Intus Windows. Previously a brand only available in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Intus Windows are an innovative line of green windows now available in the United States. We are proud to bring their environmentally-friendly products to our customers in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia!

Intus Green Windows

One of Intus Windows’ biggest selling features is their energy-efficiency. Unlike other window companies, they are a pioneer in green windows. Intus prides themselves on technology, innovation and continuous progress in energy-efficiency. Their products are suitable for nearly any commercial, residential or industrial application and can result in enormous energy savings.

Intus Windows Use Passive House Energy Techniques

Passive house is a European standard of measuring energy-efficiency in both residential and commercial buildings. The passive house standards take into consideration many factors in its ranking process:

  • The architectural design of a structure
  •  The techniques used to build the structure and facilitate processes like heating and cooling
  • The materials used in the structure

In terms of materials, Intus Windows strives to be the best in green windows and actively works towards using passive house policies. If you’re looking for a unique way to improve your home and its energy-efficiency, consider installing Intus Windows and incorporating more passive house standards in your residence

Intus Windows Has Something for Everyone

Another great feature about Intus Windows is that their green windows suit a variety of styles and needs.  Residential clients can choose between U-PVC or wood frames, both of which embody passive house techniques. If you’re a commercial customer, then you can choose between U-PVC, wood, and even aluminum frames.

By having several options to choose from, going green and using green windows in your home or place of business has never been easier. This gives customers an incentive to not only use green windows for environmental purposes, but also highlights how you can go green and still look trendy!

If you’re considering buying new windows or replacing them, do it right the first time. Invest in green windows like Intus Windows and you will be surprised by how sleek, stylish and eco-friendly they are! If you’re in the Maryland area and looking for window companies with green options, call today!

Timelapse of Bi-Folding Door Installation

Installation from the Quality Window & Door team

Watch a timelapse of our install of this thermally broken aluminum bi-folding door system from Euro-Wall.

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