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Best Windows for Craftsman Style Homes

craftsman style windows

Craftsman style homes made their first appearance in the late 1800s as a direct result of the Industrial Revolution and the many revivals that came with it. This style is most famous for its artistic detailing, a feature designed to promote the uniqueness and charm of these homes that newly available machine-made houses lacked.

Craftsman-produced architecture remains popular in modern homes to this day. The style features certain identifiable characteristics, including:

  • Low-pitched gabled roof
  • Covered, often wrap-around porch
  • Stocky, square, tapered pillars
  • Single, wide dormer windows
  • Wooden clapboard siding with brick, stone or concrete accents
  • Knee braces or exposed beams under deep roof eaves

Best Window Shapes for Craftsman Style Homes

  • Rectangular: This traditional window shape works well in most types of homes, including those with craftsman-produced architecture.
  • Square: Small square windows are the perfect accents in Craftsman style homes. They’re often installed in upper-story rooms to provide just a bit more light.
  • Eyebrow: A window with a rounded top and flat bottom is a popular accent by itself or installed above a rectangular window.

Best Window Styles for Craftsman Style Homes

  • Double-hung: As the most popular type of window in just about every historical home, double-hung windows are very functional. Since both panes slide up and down, you can achieve optimal ventilation when you need it.
  • Multi-pane: Craftsman style homes most commonly feature double-hung windows with muntins dividing the upper sash into four or six sections. The lower sash remains unobstructed for a clear view of the outside.
  • Casement: You can also choose the outward swinging operation of casement windows. Still, to fit with the Craftsman style, you should choose casements that feature muntins dividing only the upper half of the pane to mimic the look of more traditional double-hung windows.
  • Transom: Windows and doors in Craftsman style homes often feature a transom window above them. This thin rectangular window may feature decorative muntins or stained glass for added detail.
  • Wide trim: Even if windows have a smaller frame, they’re often surrounded by wide trim to balance the stocky pillars holding up the overhanging roof. This additional trim is sometimes painted a different color from the window frame itself.

Best Window Materials for Craftsman Style Homes

  • Fiberglass: Low-maintenance, strong and durable, it’s no wonder fiberglass is a good choice for any home. In addition, the material is eco-friendly, efficient and provides the beautiful look you want.
  • All wood: The underlying purpose of the Craftsman style is to accentuate the superiority of manmade over machine-made solutions. Wood complements this movement by bringing man more in touch with his natural side.

Best Window Finishes and Colors for Craftsman Style Homes

  • Wood stain: If you choose all wood windows, don’t mask their beauty with paint; instead, stain them a shade that complements the type of wood you choose and your home’s exterior colors.
  • Earth tones: Craftsman homes tend to remain unassuming with a natural color palette of greens, reds and browns. Choosing window frames in a contrasting color provides visual interest, but your choice should blend the home into its surroundings.

Craftsman Style Windows from Weather Shield

With these ideas of what windows work best with Craftsman homes, you just need to find a manufacturer that offers the right style. Weather Shield offers a variety of window products that meet the unique style of Craftsman homes.

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