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Best Windows for Blocking Sound

Best Windows for Blocking SoundYour priorities when choosing replacement windows for your home might include energy efficiency, aesthetics, and ease of use. However, if you live near a busy intersection or have noisy neighbor kids, you might also be interested in blocking sound transfer through the glass. For that, you need the best windows for noise insulation.

Qualities of Sound-Blocking Windows

Here are the characteristics that make some windows better at soundproofing than others:

  • Thicker glass: Sound has a harder time passing through thick windows because of the greater mass. Panes should be about one-half-inch thick for maximum effectiveness against sound transfer.
  • Multiple panes of glass: A basic single-pane window does little to slow the transfer of heat and noise. Double- and triple-pane windows are much more effective sound insulators. For the most substantial soundproofing, look for windows that are over an inch thick with all the panes taken into account.
  • Larger air gaps: Increasing the distance between window panes further reduces sound transfer. It’s possible to find window inserts that are installed 4 inches behind the existing window. The increased dead space between the panes can have a dramatic impact on sound transfer, depending on the size of the window and the type of noise coming from outside.
  • Laminated glass: Also known as security glass, this characteristic of sound-blocking windows describes heat-strengthened glass bonded together with a thin plastic layer. The primary function of laminated glass is to improve home security, but plastic-coated windows also noticeably reduce outdoor noise transfer.

Weather Shield is one of the top-selling window brands in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. If you’re looking for windows that strike a perfect balance between efficiency and noise insulation, consider contemporary double- or triple-pane windows from this manufacturer. Quality Window & Door can help you balance the features you’re looking for in new windows and install them with great precision.

How to Make Your Home More Soundproof

In addition to replacing your windows with versions designed to keep the noise out, you can take these steps to improve the soundproof qualities of your house even further:

  • Seal leaky window frames to close the gaps sound can travel through. This includes caulking stationary gaps and adding weatherstripping to moveable components.
  • Consider your siding. Stone and brick are better at blocking sound than wood and vinyl.
  • Insulate the walls. Improving exterior wall insulation helps keep sound out of your home while insulating the interior walls reduces noise transfer between rooms.
  • Run a white noise machine to drown out the noise from outside. This is especially effective if traffic and train horns disturb your slumber.
  • Hang thick curtains to deaden the sound passing through the glass.
  • Fill your home with soft textiles that absorb sound rather than bouncing it around the room.

Install Windows for Blocking Sound in DC, MD & VA

Whether you opt for Weather Shield or another brand, Quality Window & Door can help you soundproof your home with noise-blocking windows. We offer a non-proprietary supply of high-end windows from today’s most trusted manufacturers to ensure we meet your needs. Trust us to help you pick a cost-effective, long-term window upgrade for your home.

To see our windows in action, stop by one of our local showrooms in Maryland and Northern Virginia. When you’re ready, you can also contact us at 1-800-370-8751 to request a quote for sound-blocking windows in DC, MD, and VA.

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