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Window Warranty: What Do I Look For?

Product warranties are meant to protect consumers from expensive repair or replacement costs in the event of a product malfunction or if it is broken while still covered under a warranty. When it comes to protecting your wallet from expensive window repairs or replacements, a window warranty is the perfect solution to keep you covered.

What to Consider in a Window Warranty?

When looking at windows and their warranties, ask these questions:

  1. Do you offer a warranty on all your windows?
  2. How long is the warranty valid for?
  3. Does the warranty cover all parts?
  4. Is the warranty limited or full?
  5. Does the warranty cover labor?
  6. How easy is it to register for the warranty?
  7. How soon can I expect my window to be fixed or replaced while under warranty?
  8. Is the warranty transferable (passed along to subsequent homeowners)?
  9. And more!

So, how do you know what should be covered in your window’s warranty policy and what questions should you ask your window installers? Keep reading to find out!

Questions to Ask About Your Window Warranty

Window warranties are not mandatory, which could leave you in a pickle if your new windows start giving you problems. We recommend asking your window installer the following questions to ensure your window’s warranty is right for you.

Do you offer a warranty on your windows? Since warranties are not mandatory, some companies may not offer or include a warranty for your windows. If your contractor does not offer any warranties, you may want to consider different windows or a new contractor—be sure to ask this question before reaching a signed agreement of work with your contractor.

How long is the warranty valid for? The scope of warranties often differ by product, brand, or manufacturer. Some warranties may be a “lifetime” warranty, meaning they are valid forever. Others may only be valid for one, five, or 10 years, while others may last as long as 20!

Does the warranty cover all parts? A window may seem simple, but contrary to popular belief, it is actually a complex system of moving parts. A manufacturer’s warranty may or may not cover the glass, hardware (e.g. its lock), window screen, etc. Be sure to ask what parts are covered in your window’s warranty. Ideally, all parts are protected under your warranty.

Does the warranty cover labor? Similar to covering the various parts of a window, a warranty may or may not cover its installation. Although you can rely on most companies to properly install a window (especially if they are a window and door company), your windows may be installed incorrectly and result in insecure seals or a malfunction.

Is the warranty a limited warranty or full warranty? Not every window warranties are the same. If your window comes with a full warranty then all parts should be replaced by the manufacturer or contractor in a reasonable amount of time at your convenience. A limited warranty is more strictly regulated and may only apply to certain parts or appeal to specific defects. Limited warranties offer less coverage than a full warranty and are only as specific in their coverage as the manufacturer or retailer wants.

Window Warranty: Other Things to Consider

You’re not done yet! In addition to learning all about your warranty, you may want to ask your contractor more questions to learn more about the manufacturer and their warranty policies. In order to make sure you are satisfied with your window warranty, consider asking the following additional questions:

  • Is it easy to contact the manufacturer?
  • How easy is it to register for the warranty?
  • How soon can I expect my window to be fixed or replaced while under warranty?
  • Is the warranty transferable (passed along to subsequent homeowners)?

20-Year Window Warranty from Weather Shield

At Quality Window & Door, we work with one of the industry’s leading manufacturers—Weather Shield! Weather Shield offers a 20 year warranty for their windows that includes:

  • A 5-year warranty on laminated glass
  • A 5-year warranty on decorative glass
  • Various warranties on wood finishes, including cedar and mahogany
  • Transferability
  • And more!

Additionally, our partners at Weather Shield will repair or replace any products with workmanship (at their discretion).

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