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Vinyl Window Benefits

Vinyl windows, first introduced over 30 years ago, have grown from a small segment of the replacement window market to the most popular form of replacement window today.  Prior to the introduction of vinyl windows in 1979, the replacement window market was dominated by wood and aluminum frame windows. Vinyl windows have since overtaken them due to several key advantages—they’re  low maintenance, energy efficient, durable, and more.

The benefits of vinyl windows include:

  • Strong and durable – vinyl windows do not require painting or staining, and modern advances in vinyl windows minimize peeling, cracking, warping, and fading. With basic maintenance, new vinyl windows will last for decades.
  • Energy efficient – vinyl windows offer superior thermal protection compared to wood or aluminum windows. Modern vinyl windows are design with energy efficiency in mind and commonly include energy efficiency options like multiple panes of glass, low-e coating, and insulation.
  • Low environmental impact – vinyl windows not only last longer than wood and aluminum windows, they are also recyclable—making them a very environmentally friendly window choice.
  • Countless aesthetic selections – vinyl windows are offered in both all-vinyl and vinyl-clad selections. Combined with nearly limitless color options and several design choices, there are thousands of potential style combinations sure to match your home’s décor.
  • Flexibility – vinyl windows are an excellent choice for both home and business owners. With fixed pane, special shape, and standard window selections all available, vinyl windows are popular and practical for any use.
  • Affordability – vinyl windows are among the most affordable types of replacement windows on the market. For those with more discriminating tastes, designer vinyl windows are available for even the most elegant settings.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and energy efficient way to upgrade your home’s comfort, value, and appearance, vinyl windows are the choice for you. If you are considering vinyl windows for your home or business, contact Quality Window & Door today or visit one of our two window and door showrooms in Maryland or Northern Virginia.

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