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Modern Windows

Modern is an ambiguous term that actually encompasses a variety of window styles. Modern windows are actually a subset of the contemporary window style, but since many people are unfamiliar with all contemporary window styles, we’ll cover the major categories of contemporary windows.

Modern Style Windows

As we mentioned earlier, modern style windows are actually a subset of contemporary styling. At Quality Window & Door, we have worked on a number of modern style window projects in the greater Washington, DC metro area.

This project, supplied by Quality Window & Door, uses a modern window style. This project features many features of modern styling, including a minimalist design that eliminates all non-functional decoration that is common on windows mimicking traditional architecture. These windows feature large panes of glass without window grilles or simulated divided lites–offering maximum visibility. In the upper portion of the room, angular shapes are present–another common feature in modern window design.

Art Deco Style Windows

Art Deco style features simple geometrical shapes, clean lines, and a streamlined appearance. Homes built with Art Deco styling generally feature rounded corners, smooth walls, and low horizontal shapes. Windows and doors installed in Art Deco homes are often flush with wall surfaces and do not incorporate window sills into the design.

Prairie Style

Prairie style first became popular in the early 20th century because of Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright, an architect known for creating designs that were in harmony with humanity and nature,  first designed what are now known as prairie houses between 1900 and 1901. Prairie design features spacious, open interiors with large windows designed to connect the interior of the home with its natural surroundings.

This home, a Quality Window & Door project in Eastern Maryland, features large windows with expansive views of the Chesapeake Bay area surrounding the home.

Choosing Modern Windows: Our Pick

Here at Quality Window & Door, we like Weather Shield windows for shoppers looking for modern window styles. Weather Shield has an extensive selection of window and door products with a variety of design choices and features.

Weather Shield’s new Weather Shield ReInvented campaign launched last year with an emphasis product quality and industry-leading energy efficiency features to meet market  demand for energy efficient windows.

Weather Shield Premium Series windows are an architectural grade window that can be manufactured to meet a number of designs. From traditional windows to modern window styles, the Premium Series can fit the architectural needs of virtually any project.

Custom Replacement & New Construction Windows in Maryland, Northern Virginia, & Washington, DC

If you are looking for modern style replacement or new construction windows, we can help! We offer a wide, non-proprietary selection of windows from leading manufacturers. In fact, that’s what makes us stand out among other replacement window companies in Maryland! We aren’t about high-pressure sale tactics – we want to help you find the absolute best product.

Contact us today to see why so many homeowners and builders in the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia area have chosen Quality Window & Door!

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