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How to Measure for Replacement Windows

When the time comes to replace your Maryland home’s windows, knowing the size of the window you’re looking to replace is absolutely vital. Knowing the size not only helps you to communicate with your contractor but will also assist in figuring out the cost during your quote, as size is one of the biggest factors in new window pricing.

With that said, if you don’t already have that information handy, knowing how to size your windows for replacement can be a nightmare for the uninitiated! If you’re struggling, we totally understand. But don’t stress—Quality Window & Door is here to help you out.

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How to Take Measurements to “Size” Your Window

Before going into the basics, we’ll start by mentioning that there is going to be a fair amount of window lingo going on here. We’ll explain as we go so you don’t get lost!

When taking measurements for a window you have to know that everything is done in threes. You’re going to measure height, width, and window depth, and you’ll do this three times in three different places on the window in order to get an accurate measurement.

  • For the window height, you want to measure from the sill (the bottom ledge of the window) to the head jamb (the window jamb refers to the lining around the window—you could call it the “frame” of the window frame!). Measure on the farthest left side first, then the center, and then the farthest right side. When you have these three measurements, pick the smallest of the three as your “rough opening height.”
  • For the window length, take measurements at the widest point you can access inside the window frame. You’ll want to take three measurements again—one measurement at the bottom of the window, one in the center where the sashes meet (opening the window can give a more accurate measurement), and one at the top. Again, the smallest of the three numbers is your pick, called the “rough opening width.”
  • For depth, use your tape measure and run it from the outermost edge of the window frame to the inside of the window. Do this multiple times in varying locations and, again, pick the smallest of the measurements.

Why Is Accuracy So Important?

When choosing a window replacement, getting everything right is absolutely vital. This is because if a measurement is off by even an eighth of an inch, it can make the new window that you purchased completely unviable. Depending on your warranties, the window manufacturer, and the products used, this could mean having to buy completely new windows again and starting from scratch. This can not only waste time but can also waste money as well, which no one wants.

Because of this, we highly recommend repeating the measurement process in its entirety at least two times. If you don’t have the time to do so, or if you’re unconfident in your findings, enlist a professional! Experts are entirely focused on doing the job right, so as contractors, we feel (and in many ways are) obligated to ensure everything goes smooth. If you can’t or don’t want to take accurate measurements, you can trust us to do it for you!

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