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Low U-Value Windows

Looking to reduce your energy expenditure this winter? Windows can account for up to 30 percent of heat loss in the colder months, leading to an uncomfortable home and sky-rocketing heating bills. But there is a way to cut costs, keep your home warm, and even make it more eco-friendly—upgrading to new energy efficient windows with a low U-value!

A window’s U-value is a great indicator of its energy-efficiency. Depending on the U-value, you could save hundreds—or more—on your energy bill each year! Better yet, Quality Window & Door carries a wide selection of windows with great U-values.

What is a Window’s U-Value?

A U-Value is a number that measures a window’s energy efficiency. It determines the rate at which heat moves through a structure given certain wind and humidity conditions. If the windows in a structure have a good U-Value, they can reduce the rate at which heat escapes. Quality Window & Door sells a variety of energy efficient windows for homeowners and contractors with all sorts of window needs.

What Factors Determine a Window’s U-Value?

The lower a window’s U-Value, the higher its energy-efficiency. For instance, a vinyl window with a U-Value of .05 would insulate better than an aluminum window with a U-Value of .07. Other factors go into determining a window’s U-value:

  • Window Glazes—Some manufacturers glaze the window panes with solutions to retain heat and lower heating costs. However, glazing alone will not lower a window’s U-Value. Window glazes along window material, insulation, and other elements can increase the energy efficiency of a window!
  • Pane Layers—Generally, the more layers of glass a window has, the lower it’s U-Value. Using multiple layers of glass allows manufacturers to fill these layers with insulating gases to lower energy costs.
  • Frame Materials—A window’s sash and frame can represent up to 30 percent of a window’s total area. A window’s style, size, and materials can impact heat loss and related condensation resistance.

Still have questions about U-Values? Come visit the experts at Quality Window & Door and view our selection in our window showroom. One of our certified window experts will show you the types of windows we carry and which ones best suit your residential or commercial needs. When it comes to windows with a low U-Value, we carry an assortment of wood, vinyl, and aluminum windows from some of the best manufacturers in the area. Schedule an appointment with us to choose your replacement windows today!

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