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What Are In Swing & Out Swing Casement Windows?

Whether you’re looking for windows for your new construction project or are interested in replacing your old windows, casement windows are a good choice. They are energy efficient and perfect for letting in a cool breeze. Call Quality Window & Door today to learn more about our casement window services in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area.

More Details On Casement Windows

As we discussed in the last blog post – “What are Casement Windows?” – casement windows are single sash windows hinged at the side, with a hand crank that allows for simple opening. There are two kinds of casement windows: out swing and in swing.

Out swing casement windows: traditional out swing casement windows open towards your home’s exterior. People use out swing casement windows for many reasons, including:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Security purposes
  • Thermal performance
  • Superior ventilation
  • Appearance

In swing casement windows: French style in swing casement windows are exactly like traditional (out swing) casement windows, except they open inwards, just as the name suggests! They offer all the same benefits out swing casement windows do – great ventilation, energy efficiency, good security, etc. In swing casement windows may even be easier to clean than out swing windows because even when they’re open, they’re easy to reach!

Best Selection of Casement Windows in MD, DC & VA

If you want casement windows for your home or commercial building, we have the selection for you! From fiberglass to vinyl to wood casement windows, our windows meet every need.

Contact our in swing and out swing casement window experts to learn more about what type of window is best for you. Look out for part 4 of the What Are…Window & Door Series blog, coming soon!

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