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Impact Resistant Windows

Though we don’t see terribly severe weather in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area, we just recently had a hurricane, which can do a lot of damage to your home. Did your windows get damaged? If you live in coastal regions, it’s critically important to have impact resistant windows. If you want to learn more about hurricane protection windows and other windows that are ideal for coastal regions, call Quality Window & Door today!

Impact Resistant Windows

If you live in a coastal area, there are a number of ways you can protect your home. One way is to install impact resistant windows that are designed specifically for coastal regions. When it comes to weather protection, some of the best window materials in general are:

  • Aluminum – sturdy, wind resistant and doesn’t scratch easily
  • Vinyl – durable and not easily damaged by flooding
  • Fiberglass – like vinyl, also resistant to extreme moisture

We also offer Weather Shield windows that, as the name suggests, offer protection against extreme weather – hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy rain, blizzards…you name it! These hurricane protection windows include:

LifeGuard® EnduraShield® (not only impact resistant but energy efficient and extremely low-maintenance as well!)

LifeGuard® Weather Shield® insulating glass

LifeGuard® Weather Shield® single pane glass

Visions® 3000 vinyl windows

Even if you have a waterfront home in Ocean City, MD, you won’t have to fret about boarding up your door or hassling with shutters if you get Weather Shield impact resistant windows! It may still be a good idea to board up, but you can still rest assured your windows will be protected.

Contact us to learn more about impact resistant windows and the best kind of windows for coastal regions – or visit one of our showrooms! We have one in Beltsville, MD and one in Merrifield, VA. Our window experts in Virginia and Maryland want to help you get the best windows for your home!

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