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How Long Does Window Installation Take?

Thinking about replacing your windows? For the best possible results, you should pursue professional installation from Quality Window & Door. Poor window installation can diminish efficiency, impair aesthetics, and weaken performance. But how long does the installation take, and what does the process entail? Find the answers to your questions here.

How Long Does Window Installation Take?

It typically takes about four to eight weeks from the time you place your order until your windows arrive (this can vary depending on the time of year and type of windows you order as well).

On installation day, the time it takes to complete your project depends on the type and number of windows you’re installing. In general, you can expect the crew to spend about 30 minutes on each window, removing the old one and putting the new one in its place. For residential projects, the entire job can usually be finished in a single day. Larger commercial projects take longer.

What Does the Window Installation Process Entail?

Replacing the windows in your home requires precision and accuracy. A three-phase approach ensures a quality installation and your complete satisfaction.

Leading Up to Installation Day

  • The field supervisor assigned to your project visits your home to take exact window measurements and compile a list of materials the team will need to complete the installation.
  • An inside support team member reviews a computer-generated material order. The procurement department carefully checks the order as well to ensure it matches the exact quantities and specifications you need. Then the procurement department manager places the order.
  • The window manufacturer receives an order acknowledgment and begins production.
  • You receive a pre-construction letter in the mail explaining all the details of the installation process, what you can expect on installation day, and what part you’ll play to ensure a smooth and successful project.
  • When your order arrives in our warehouse, an inside support team member calls you to schedule the installation at a convenient time for you.

On Installation Day

  • The installation crew arrives in a timely manner and installs each window skillfully.
  • The crew removes installation debris after completing each window and stacks everything neatly in a designated area. At the end of the installation process, the crew removes all debris from the job site and leaves your home vacuum-clean.
  • The crew leader performs a final walkthrough, inspecting each window for quality and instructing you on how to operate it. The crew leader also ensures the interior and exterior of your home is left tidy and clean.
  • Upon receiving your satisfied approval, the crew leader asks you to sign a completion certificate. If you have any concerns, the crew leader notes them in writing at this time and alerts your customer service representative to get in touch.

After Installation Day

  • In the days following the window installation, you’ll receive a Customer Satisfaction Survey in the mail. This is your opportunity to openly and honestly rate your experience with our sales team and installation crew.

Can I Install Replacement Windows Myself?

While it’s possible for an avid do-it-yourselfer to install windows without professional help, we don’t recommend it. Improper installation could have a negative effect on your home. Plus, if something goes wrong during the installation, you could be left with a very expensive mistake on your hands. DIY installation could even void your warranty.

For the best results, let the professionals handle window installation day. Your investment provides great value in the form of high energy efficiency, flawless aesthetics, and your peace of mind. Call Quality Window & Door today at 1-800-370-8751 or visit one of our local Maryland or Virginia showrooms to see what professionally installed windows look like.

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