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All About Door Jambs

Everyone has heard of a door jamb, but are you confident you know exactly what this term refers to? Learn more about the component that every door shares.

What Is a Door Jamb?

The jambs, also called the legs, are the vertical components of a door frame. Traditionally, hinges are screwed to one jamb for the door to mount on, while the other jamb has a strike plate and a hollowed out slot for the latch to sink into when you shut the door. This requires you to turn the handle to open the door again.

Other Parts of a Door Frame

The jamb is only part of a door frame. If you want to replace your door jamb, you should purchase a door frame set, which includes all the parts you need to build a whole new frame. In addition to the jamb, here are the other components of a door frame:

  • Head: This is the horizontal component located above the door. It features two grooves into which the door jambs fit.
  • Sill: This is the horizontal component that sits on the floor below the door. The sill is also called the threshold and is usually only present on exterior doors. The purpose of the sill is to give the door frame added rigidity and to help channel away any water that runs toward the door.
  • Door stop: Thin strips of wood called stops are mounted along the length of the jambs and head. The purpose is to stop the door so it can’t be ripped off its hinges. If the jambs are rebated, which means they have a notch taken out of them, the door will stop without the need for separate strips of wood.
  • Weatherstripping: When mounted against the jamb and door stop, weatherstripping helps to create an airtight seal on exterior doors. A door sweep attached to the bottom of the door also prevents air from seeping in between the door and the sill. Keeping conditioned air inside and decreasing drafts with weatherstripping makes for a more comfortable, energy-efficient home.
  • Jamb casing or architrave: Any decorative trim mounted to the wall around the frame is called the jamb casing or architrave. This trim is separate from the frame structure and can be removed and replaced without affecting the door’s ability to operate.

Replacing & Widening Door Frames

While it’s possible to hang new doors in existing door frames, sometimes you must replace the frame along with the door. This is true if the frame is damaged or the new door is a different size than the old one.

If you’re looking for replacement doors, frames, or jambs, Quality Window & Door has you covered. We install new patio doors, entry doors, and interior doors – complete with door frames – in homes across Maryland, DC, and Virginia. If it’s necessary to widen an opening before installing the door, our experienced crew is more than capable of doing so.

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