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Common Window Company Tricks

Window companies have become notorious for their sales tactics, doing whatever it takes to make a sale. Unfortunately, these pushy strategies have homeowners closing their blinds when they spot a salesperson nearby.

There are many tactics potential window buyers should be aware of before they speak with a sales representative. Below are a few common sales tricks to watch out for and how to tell if you’re working with a good company.

Pushing One Brand of Window

Double-hung window with a curtain partially covering it.

Many windows companies provide brand-name windows from one or a few brands. In these cases, a window salesperson is likely to recommend a specific brand over any other simply because the company’s profit margin will be better.

Working with a good window company, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of windows from many different brands. A salesperson may recommend a particular brand for a specific installation, but they won’t push the brand on you as if it’s your only choice.

Pushing One Type of Window

Another common trick window companies use is pushing a specific type of window. A company may insist that you purchase a particular type of window, whether it be casement windows, awning windows, slider windows, or others. Most often, this tactic is used by window companies that only install a few window types.

A high-quality window company will offer a wide range of window styles. Even if your desired style is more difficult or less profitable, they’ll still handle the job because it’s what the customer wants.

Misleading Cost Quotes

Man reviewing window installation estimate with a confused and stressed look on his face.

Window and installation quotes are an easy place for low-quality window companies to trick their customers. They’ll often advertise a price-per-window, but this cost usually doesn’t include removing the old window or installing the new one.

Reputable window companies will be forthright in all of their pricing. They’ll let you know the cost of removal, cost of materials, and cost of installation.

They’ll also be upfront about the cost of windows made of higher-grade materials rather than quoting the lowest price and surprising you later.

Proposing Replacement When Repairs Are Fine

Not all windows require replacement, but low-grade window companies will convince you that they do. If a potential customer complains of a drafty house, these companies will immediately recommend brand-new windows around the property. Even worse, they may install low-quality windows that make things worse.

A top-notch window company works differently. They’ll send an experienced team member to assess your window problems. If repairs are all you need, they’ll perform them rather than trying to sell you new windows you don’t need.

Quality Window & Door Makes Window Installation Easy

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At Quality Window & Door, we don’t resort to low, pushy sales tactics — we let our work speak for itself. Our crew installs a variety of brand-name windows and offers many styles.

Our team is upfront about window pricing and project costs. We can identify when a simple fix or a single window replacement is enough to satisfy your needs.

Trust your next window project to professionals who treat their clients right.

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