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Low-E Glass Benefits

If you need to buy new windows for your home or commercial building in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area, you want to consider all your options. Finding the right windows is no small feat – it can be difficult to find windows that are energy efficient, complement the style of your home or building, match your stylistic preferences, etc.

If you haven’t considered buying coated glass windows, you may want to think about it! Coated glass windows are windows with special coating that can block harmful UV rays from the sun.

What Are the Benefits of Coated Glass Windows?

In addition to the ultraviolet radiation reduction, coated glass offers several other benefits, including:

  • Higher levels of comfort – low-e glass coatings reduce radiant heat
  • Potential savings on your energy bills – low-e glass coatings reduces reliance on heating and cooling systems
  • Furniture and floor protection – protect furniture and carpet from long-term sun damage with low-e glass.
  • Appearance – many window manufacturers offer decorative coated glass for your windows!

Zo-e-shield® — Low-E Glass From Weather Shield

Low-E (low emissivity) glass is a type of coated glass that can be extremely beneficial if increasing your home’s energy efficiency is a top priority! Low-E glass windows keep heat out in the summer and retain heat in your home during the winter, not only making your home more comfortable year round but also reducing your energy bills.

Quality Window & Door offers Low-E glass windows from Weather Shield® – Zo e-shield®, the World’s Best Energy Glass™. This energy efficient glass saves more than just energy, though! You’ll be able to enjoy other benefits as well, such as higher levels of comfort in your home, no matter what time of year it is. Other benefits Zo-e-shield® Low-E glass offers include:

  • Better thermal performance
  • Reduced condensation, mold and mildew
  • No obscured views due to tinting
  • Fantastic energy efficiency (exceeds ENERGY STAR ratings)
  • Resistance to fading (protects interior flooring and furniture from sun damage)
  • Reduced outside noises (triple insulating glass)

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Low-E Glass in Maryland, Northern Virginia, & Washington, DC

It’s time to start saving money with beautiful, durable, energy efficient windows for your home in Maryland, Washington, DC or Northern Virginia! For more information on the Low-E glass windows we offer and the benefits of coated glass, contact Quality Window & Door today!

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