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Windows with Cranks

Are you ready to replace the old windows in your home with more efficient, secure versions? If so, consider windows with cranks! This window style is perfect for coaxing in a breeze on a warm afternoon and gives your home a unique appearance.

At Quality Window & Door, we install crank-out windows for our customers in Virginia, Maryland, and DC who are looking for high-end window replacement products. Learn more about windows with cranks to see if this is the right operating style for your needs.

What are Windows with Cranks?

Also called casement windows, windows with cranks differ greatly from more traditional double-hung or sliding windows. Instead of coasting along a track, they have hinges and pivot outward like a door when you turn the crank. This type of window comes in a single pane with the hinges on either the left or right side. You can also purchase a pair of crank-out windows set into one frame with the hinges on the outside edges.

Benefits of Windows with Cranks

Installing crank-out windows could be the right choice if you’re looking to enjoy these benefits:

  • Security: The crank operation of these windows allows for easy opening, but only from the inside. Once you shut and lock a crank-out window, it’s impossible for intruders to open it.
  • Ease of use: If you have windows above the kitchen sink or behind the sofa, it can be difficult to get the leverage necessary to push a double-hung or sliding window open. Windows with cranks are easy to use with a quick turn of the handle.
  • Efficiency: Crank-out windows are one of the most efficient operating styles you can choose. The sash makes an airtight seal when it closes against the frame, preventing air from leaking inside. You can maximize efficiency even more by selecting windows with cranks that also feature advanced glazing options, such as a low-E coating, double-pane glass, and gas in-fill.
  • Ventilation: Unlike a double-hung or sliding window that can only be opened one half at a time, the entire sash of a crank-out window opens when you turn the handle. Then, when a passing breeze blows by, the angle of the window funnels the air into the house.

Crank-Out Windows from Today’s Best Manufacturers

If you’re looking for high-quality vinyl, fiberglass, wood, or aluminum windows, turn to Quality Window & Door. We are a non-proprietary distributor and installer of replacement windows, which means we offer the best options from multiple manufacturers. Some of our leading crank-out window brands include:

Install Windows with Cranks in MD, DC & VA

Quality Window & Door can help you navigate all your window replacement options. Whether you’re confident that crank-out windows are the right style for you, or you still need help narrowing down your options, get in touch with us today!

A visit to one of our showrooms in Maryland and Northern Virginia is a great place to start. While you’re here, you can view and try out windows with cranks to see if you like them. We also invite you to ask questions of our knowledgeable staff. We take an educational sales approach instead of employing high-pressure sales tactics to help ensure you purchase windows you’ll love for years to come.

When you’re ready to begin the window replacement process, please contact Quality Window & Door. We offer free in-home consultations and estimates to get you started on the right foot. In the end, our goal is to help you find the perfect windows for your home, no matter what brand or style you end up choosing.

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