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Are you looking to replace your windows in Alexandria, Virginia? What about new doors? Whether you envision custom windows for your new home or a beautiful wooden entry door, or you want to replace the windows in your office building or other commercial property, Quality Window & Door provides unparalleled quality and service. Our team is committed to helping you choose windows and doors that fit your personal style and preferences. We want you to be completely satisfied with your new windows and doors, so you can enjoy them in your Alexandria home for many years to come.

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At Quality Window & Door, we make the process of replacing and installing windows and doors easy, seamless, and pleasant. If you are considering new or replacement windows and doors for any of the following Alexandria homes or buildings, call Quality Window & Door today!

  • New Custom Alexandria Homes
  • Existing Homes
  • Guest Houses
  • Pool Houses
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Retail Centers
  • Government Offices


As you begin to look for window and door companies in Alexandria, you may realize not all companies are created equal. Our locally owned business was built on the vision of founder and president Bob Neidig, whose passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence is infused into every aspect of the company. When you choose to work with Quality Window & Door, you have chosen an award-winning window and door company, dedicated to the highest product and service standards available.

New and Replacement Windows for Your Alexandria Home


Are you planning to build a new custom home in Alexandria? Custom new windows can provide several important functions in addition to adding aesthetic appeal to your home. If you are considering new windows for any of the following projects, call Quality Window & Door to ensure you love the finished product!

  • New home construction
  • Pool houses
  • Guesthouses

Selecting the right new windows can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially when you are in the process of choosing all the details and elements for your new Alexandria home. Our experienced team will help educate you to make the window selection process seamless and efficient. Our comprehensive selection of new home windows ensures you will choose the perfect fit for your new home. We invite you to meet with our experienced window specialists and view our extensive selection of new window products.

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Window replacement can dramatically change the look and feel of your Alexandria home. Perhaps you have decided to add a custom addition or want to make your home more energy-efficient. Either way, the replacement windows you choose can dramatically affect the look, feel, and functionality of your home.

When you work with Quality Window & Door, rest assured our team of experts will educate you on different replacement window products to ensure you choose the best windows for your Alexandria home.

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We Carry the Best Window Brands in Alexandria

At Quality Window & Door, we pride ourselves on offering customers the most comprehensive selection of new and replacement windows. Our showroom in Virginia features the comparison wall of windows, which can help you compare the best new and replacement windows available. Here are some of the window brands we are proud to offer:

  • Weather Shield windows
  • Hurd windows
  • Peachtree windows
  • Ply Gem windows
  • Crystal windows
  • Parrett windows
  • Panda windows
  • Norwood windows
  • Simonton windows

Understanding Window Replacement Cost

You want a quality product, of course, but you also want something attractive and windows that are built to last. Luckily, you came to one of the most reliable window companies in Virginia for your answers! Many factors will impact window cost, and you’ll need to decide on them in order of importance to choose the product that suits your needs best:

  • Window type. Single or double-hung windows are typically the most cost-efficient, and the pricing is going to skyrocket the more “custom” the window becomes. For example, you may pay in more for a unique geometric design.
  • The size of the window. An increase in the size of the product is going to directly impact the needed materials. If you need a larger product, you’ll pay more for it.
  • The window material. There is a very wide range of available material types. Vinyl, wood, metal—choosing any of these will impact cost.
  • Energy efficiency of the window. The efficiency rating of a window, expressed through its U-factor among other important ratings and certifications, will directly result in a higher cost—this is often offset, however, by energy savings and comfort.

New & Replacement Doors for Your Alexandria Home

Are you considering replacing or installing a new door to update the appearance of your Alexandria home? Perhaps you envision a beautiful custom entryway door or a sliding glass patio door. We are proud to offer the best selection of new and replacement entry and patio doors in Alexandria. Quality Window & Door carries the best door brands available, including:

  • ProVia doors
  • Peachtree doors
  • Parrett doors
  • Bloch doors
  • Therma-Tru doors
  • MAI Hardwood doors
  • Norwood doors
  • Panda doors
  • Simonton doors
  • Hurd doors
  • MW doors
  • Ply Gem doors
  • Visions doors
  • LaCantina doors
  • Simpson doors

Understanding Door Replacement Cost

As for any home improvement project, the cost is going to be impacted by a variety of factors, and door replacement is no different. A new door installation is going to go up or down in price according to:

  • The type of door. Steel doors, glass sliding patio doors, wood entry doors—there are many door options, and each is going to alter the price tag notably.
  • Alterations in door size. If you want to install, for example, a larger steel door than your current old wood entry door, then this will impact the cost considerably. This is because adjustments need to be made to the door jamb in order to accommodate the larger door.
  • Insulation value and efficiency. Doors are quite guilty of creating a lot of heat loss or gain when they are of poor quality. An efficient door can impact the cost considerably, but in most cases, the investment is very worthwhile.

Need more guidance or looking for a more definitive answer regarding the cost of your new Northern Virginia windows and doors? You can contact us now for an estimate or consult our in-depth online resources!

Commercial Windows for Alexandria Buildings

Are you considering replacing the windows in your office building, or do you need windows for a new commercial construction project? Perhaps you need commercial replacement windows for a government office, new store, restaurant, school, or church. No matter what your needs are, Quality Window & Door will provide the best new and replacement windows in Alexandria, VA.

Our award-winning commercial window company prides itself on excellence and the highest standards of customer service. Having worked on numerous commercial and new construction projects over the last two decades, Quality Window & Door has extensive experience installing new and replacement commercial windows for projects large and small.

Contact our commercial specialists today for more information on commercial windows and doors in Alexandria!

Commercial Doors in Alexandria

Whether you are installing new doors for a church, school, or other commercial building, Quality Window & Door will see to it that you receive the best new and replacement doors available in the Alexandria area. From steel doors to security doors and more, contact us today to learn more about door options for your new or existing commercial door project in Alexandria.


Over the last two decades, we have worked with thousands of satisfied Alexandria customers spanning homeowners, builders, architects, custom home designers, and local and state governments. We would like to share some of the reviews from our customers, so you are confident that we will provide the best service and products.

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