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Whether you’re constructing a new house or renovating your existing residence, you need windows and doors built with quality craftsmanship and features designed to last a lifetime. Quaker offers impressive product lines that fulfill all your needs and wants. Quality Window & Door is proud to be a Quaker dealer, providing customers in Maryland, DC, and Virginia access to these high-end residential products.

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About the Brand

Below, we’ve provided a summary of Quaker’s collection of residential windows and doors, but if you have any questions about which products to use for your new home or renovation project, give our experienced and knowledgeable staff a call at 800-657-1373!

Manufacturer: Quaker

Location: Freeburg, Missouri

Manufactured in: United States of America

Founded: 1949

From the Brand: “For 65 years, Quaker craftsmen have been creating windows that transcend basic needs of light and ventilation. Our innovative designs and outstanding performance features provide lasting beauty and value in homes throughout the country.”

Quality Window & Door is a leading dealer of Quaker window and door products in the DC metropolitan area.

New Construction & Replacement Residential Windows by Quaker

You’ll be impressed by the wide selection of new construction and replacement residential windows available from Quaker. Choose from the following styles and materials for the perfect window installation, whether your home is historic or ultra modern.

Window Operation Styles

  • Awning windows
  • Casement windows
  • Double and single hung windows
  • Hopper windows
  • Picture windows
  • Slider windows
  • Geometric windows
  • Blast and impact specialty windows
  • Storm windows

Window Frame Materials

  • Wood windows
  • Vinyl windows
  • Aluminum windows
  • Wood clad windows

New Construction & Replacement Residential & Commercial Doors by Quaker

When you want to make a statement, it’s vital for your front entry and patio doors to look and function just the way you want. Expect beautiful aesthetics and superior performance from Quaker’s new construction and replacement residential and commercial doors. Your options include:

  • Storefront entry doors
  • Swinging patio doors
  • Sliding patio doors
  • Folding patio doors
  • Telescoping patio doors
  • Aluminum, vinyl, wood, or wood clad construction

Benefits of Quaker Windows & Doors

When you choose Quaker products for your new home or window replacement project, here are the top benefits you can expect.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Most windows and doors available from Quaker are Energy Star qualified, meaning they meet stringent efficiency guidelines set by the EPA to reduce greenhouse emissions and lower your energy bills. Window and door performance ratings are available right on the Quaker website so you can compare your options and make the most economical decision.

Improved Home Comfort

Features such as dual-seal weatherstripping, Low-e glass, and gas fills don’t just improve energy efficiency to keep your bills low – they also help maintain a more comfortable interior by reducing drafts associated with old, single-pane windows and doors.

Ease of Use

With a broad range of operation styles, you can choose the windows and doors that suit your needs best. You might opt for a casement window behind the kitchen sink for its smooth crank-style operation, or a double hung window in the kids’ room for safer, out-of-reach ventilation. Whatever your preference, you can expect Quaker windows and doors to retain their ease of use for years to come.


High-end features such as baked-on powder coat finishes, multi-point hardware systems, and fusion welded corners help Quaker windows and doors last. Some products, such as blast and impact specialty windows, have unique glazing to help them withstand commercial blast testing and hurricane-force winds. Whatever products you choose, expect impressive resilience and a long life from Quaker windows and doors.

Low Maintenance Requirements

While all windows from Quaker offer relatively low maintenance, vinyl windows for new construction and replacement projects are the least demanding. With vinyl windows from Quaker, you don’t have to lift a finger, and you can still expect your investment to last for decades.

Increased Home Value

No matter what Quaker products you install, expect your home’s curb appeal and value to increase. Whether you’re planning to sell soon or not, it’s nice to know that your home improvement project adds value.

Quaker Window & Door Dealer in MD, DC & VA

For the best window installation experience, we invite residents of the DC metropolitan area to choose Quality Window & Door for all your Quaker product needs. We’re a proud supplier and installer of windows and doors from this renowned manufacturer.

The best way to compare all new and replacement window and door options is to view them in person, so we encourage you to visit one of our Maryland or Virginia showrooms to see Quaker products in action. While you’re here, you can ask questions of our knowledgeable staff to ensure you make the best investment for your home.

To learn more about Quaker windows and doors, please call today! Then, when you’re ready, request a free consultation.

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