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A Letter from Bob


Hello, my name is Bob Neidig, and I am the President of Quality Window & Door, Inc.

First, I would like to welcome you to our website and thank you for your visit. Below, are a few insights into the passion I have for educating and serving our clients’ window and door needs. I hope that you find it a refreshing contrast to the more expensive ways our competitors choose to advertise.

Whether you are a homeowner, architect, or contractor, I believe you will find Quality’s approach unique. Our sales and marketing philosophy revolves around providing an educative approach to offering a non-proprietary distribution from multiple brands of windows and doors. You won’t hear “we’re the best” from anyone at Quality. Right from the start, that should be refreshing.

The evolution of Quality Window & Door came about by accident. After building a custom home in 1982, it was only a few short months before I realized that I had made
a poor decision to go with the “builder’s window.” When the lot came available across the street some five years later, I was ready to go. This time, though, I was determined to find the right window for the project. A funny thing happened next. Everywhere I went,
(and I went everywhere) all I heard is “We have the best.” The challenge was that there
was so much information coming at me that it was impossible to do a real comparison.
Near the end of my journey, I went to a home show where I was able to touch and feel
multiple brands side by side and that lead to my decision.

Having been a salesman for a brick company, it didn’t take long to hear similar stories from other contractors about the difficulty in selecting a good window supplier. “Lightbulb goes on!” So, in early 1988, I started what would soon become Quality Window & Door, right out of my garage. Clearly, there was and still is a need in the marketplace for consumers to educate themselves on window and door choices. Now, you have it.

With 20+ years and $120+ million sold, we have showrooms in both Beltsville, Maryland and Merrifield, Virginia. Quality Window now provides the theater to learn what you need to know about choosing the right product to fit both your budget and your needs. With a sales approach that is pure education, clients are free – and encouraged – to come and experience our “Wall of Windows.” We have even given you the chance to visit through our website with a virtual tour. Try clicking on and zooming in, right up to the products on display. Both the comparison wall and our “in-wall displays” can be seen from the virtual tour, yet it seems logical if you want to feel how the product will perform in your home, come experience that from our permanent wall displays.

All of this is focused on that basic philosophy: “The more you know about windows and doors, the more likely you are to buy them from Quality Window.” With multiple brands on display, it becomes very easy to feel the difference when you visit.

Oh, and I must mention the importance of design consultation before the sale and service and warranty stewardship afterward. If you truly want to know who to buy from, try calling them BEFORE you buy and asking them how they handle the windows you bought from them five years ago when there is a service issue. You will soon see 80 percent of the competitors fall. At Quality, we employ a Service Manager and in-house field service techs to assist with both installation education, field service, and back end warranty execution. For replacement solutions, we provide factory-trained, in-house installers.

Anyone can sell you a window or door. The question is, “Will they be there when you need them down the road?” With more moving parts in today’s window and door, you need both the right product and the right company to stand up and support you when issues arise. We’ve got that handled here at Quality. The value of your decision to choose Quality Window continues to serve long after the product is delivered. That is our passion as we know that those post-sale services provide endless referrals.

So, I welcome you to explore our new website, take the time to focus on your specific area of need, and/or call today for a professional consultation that is truly educational. With a highly tenured sales staff, your experience will not be scripted and your decision will not be pressured. That is how I would want to buy and so that is how we roll here at Quality.

Feel free to contact me directly. I am still passionately active, serving customers, and helping them distinguish their window and door choices.

Thank you for your time.


Bob Neidig

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