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Interior Doors with Windows

Installation in Maryland, DC & Virginia

Do you want to add style and depth to your home by installing interior doors with windows? If so, Quality Window & Door has the products you’re looking for from today’s best brands. We also have the experience you expect from an interior door installer, thanks to our 30+ years in the business.

We are based in Maryland and serve homeowners throughout the DC metro area. Our installation projects mostly consist of replacing five or more interior doors, so if you need help with a large job like this, we’re here for you!

To request an interior door replacement estimate, please call Quality Window & Door at 1-800-370-8751 or contact us online.

Interior Door Brands

As a non-proprietary distributor, we offer a wide selection of interior doors with windows from several manufacturers. Our goal is to help our customers find the perfect doors for their needs, not push a specific product with hard sales tactics.

Check out the interior doors we offer from the following manufacturers:

Types of Interior Doors with Windows

If you want to install doors with windows in your home, the next thing you must do is pinpoint exactly what style will work best for you. Here are the top examples of interior doors with windows:

  • French doors: This describes any door with glass panels running from top to bottom. French doors are often installed in pairs with muntin bars separating each pane into smaller sections for aesthetic purposes. Your home office, library, and dining room are all possible places to install double French doors.
  • Interior doors with textured glass: When you want natural light to pass through the door, but privacy is still a must, textured glass is a good solution. Many textures are available, which obstruct the view through the door to varying degrees. Textured glass is popular in bathrooms and closets.
  • Interior doors with transom windows: A transom window serves as an accent above the door. Both single and double-wide openings can feature transoms, whether the door has glass panels or not. Transoms are popular with living room entrances and bedroom doors, as well as over any French door installation.
  • Interior doors with sidelites: These are similar to transoms, but the windows flank the right and left sides of the door. You can choose from single or double sidelites, depending on your preferences. French doors look even more impressive when installed with sidelites.

Benefits of Interior Doors with Windows

You should consider installing interior doors with windows instead of ordinary doors if you want to enjoy these benefits:

  • Beauty: Installing transparent doors allows one room to run into the next, making the spaces feel bigger. Textured glass also adds a unique beauty to your home.
  • Blocked sound without blocking light and sightlines: While working in the office, you can close the French doors to help you concentrate, but because the doors are made of glass, you aren’t shut off from the rest of the family.
  • Opportunity for ventilation: Transom windows, in particular, provide the chance to ventilate a room even when the door is closed. This extra airflow helps your home stay more comfortable without raising your energy bills.

Install Interior Doors with Windows in MD, DC & VA

If you’re interested in the benefits of interior doors with windows, stop by one of Quality Window & Door’s local showrooms in Maryland and Northern Virginia. There, you can see our interior doors in action and find answers to all your questions. When you’re ready for your interior door replacement quote, contact us online or call 1-800-370-8751 today.

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