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How Do Windows Increase Home Value?

As you consider replacing the windows in your DC-area home, you’ve probably heard that this investment will increase the value of your home. How valid is this claim? Is replacing your windows before you sell your home really worth it?

The short answer is yes! If you have old, inefficient, or damaged windows, it pays to replace them before listing your home on the market. Here are the top four ways windows increase home value.

New Windows Let You Increase the Asking Price

When you install new windows, you can reasonably tack on about 70 percent of the cost to your asking price. This means if you spend $10,000 on new windows, your selling price can increase by $7,000.

A 70 percent return on investment is very high, making window replacement one of the best ways to increase home value before you move. Of course, you’ll maximize your ROI if you choose beautiful, efficient, and durable windows like those available from Weather Shield. Homebuyers won’t be impressed by a brand they don’t recognize, but Weather Shield has a history dating back decades, making it one of the most highly desirable window manufacturers today.

New Windows Help Discourage Low Offers

You may be disappointed to learn that it’s rare to get 100 percent of your investment back from replacing your windows, but consider this: if your home has outdated windows when you put it on the market, observant home hunters will call you out on it. It’s likely they will request a discounted selling price, so they can put that money toward replacing the windows.

For example, a potential buyer may make an offer for $10,000 under the asking price when a damaged window may only cost $1,000 to replace. This is why replacing the windows yourself – and then validating an increased asking price – is much better than letting the homebuyer handle it.

New Windows Decrease Your Energy Bills

Depending on the condition of your current windows and the efficiency rating of the replacements, you’re likely to save about 20 percent on your heating and cooling bills. This fact is very appealing to potential buyers, who are interested in finding a home that will cost less to operate in the coming years.

Weather Shield is one manufacturer that emphasizes efficiency to lower utility costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Many Weather Shield windows meet or exceed Energy Star standards for highly efficient windows.

New Windows Improve Your Home’s Appearance

Stunning wood-clad windows from Weather Shield can drastically improve your home’s curb appeal, making a good impression on potential buyers as they approach the front door. Wood-clad windows also offer a warm, appealing addition to the interior.

Aesthetic improvements may not directly add monetary value to your home, but they appeal to potential buyers and could act as the tipping point for your home to win favor over a similar house for sale in your neighborhood.

Install New Windows in MD, DC & VA

If you’re ready to take advantage of the increased home value that comes from installing new windows, let Quality Window & Door take care of your window replacement needs. We carry products from a large selection of window manufacturers, including Weather Shield.

During the window selection process, we educate you on all your options to ensure you choose the best product for increasing home value. Once you’ve made your selection, we perform a professional installation to help your investment last for decades to come.

To learn more, visit one of our local showrooms in Maryland and Northern Virginia, or contact us today to request a free quote.

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