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The Best Time of the Year to Replace Your Windows

Many homeowners in the DC Metropolitan area have replacing their home’s windows on their home improvement to-do or wish list. While in the research phase, many also wonder:

When is the best time of year is to install new windows?

While some prefer (or assume) for windows to be replaced in the spring or summer months, the truth is that windows can be installed year round—when done by professionals.

When working with a professional window contractor, such as Quality Window & Door, the installers will work one window at a time—each taking about 30 minutes. This means that no matter the weather—snow, ice, or blistering humidity—your home is only exposed in small areas for a very short time frame.

Benefits of Installing Windows in the Spring & Summer

Colder weather can present some challenges for installing windows, such as caulking not setting as well or moisture from snow, rain, and ice preventing the tightest seal, which makes spring and summer the optimal time to install windows. This is, however, the “busy season” for window installers, so you may have to wait longer for your project to be completed. The best solution is to find a licensed and experienced window company early in spring, so that you can schedule plenty of time for window selection, ordering, and installation.

Benefits of Installing Windows in the Fall & Winter

The best window installers will take all necessary measures to minimize heat loss in your home, but the biggest benefit of replacing your windows in the “off” season is reduced wait times to get your project completed. Since many homeowners do choose to schedule window replacement in the spring and summer, installers have more availability in the cooler months. If your old windows are especially drafty—whether your energy bills are unusually high or your daughter refuses to sit on the couch by the window—replacing your windows sooner (even when it’s cold out) can save you time, energy, and comfort.

The Verdict

Choose a season that is best for your home and family. The good news is, while some companies may run specials throughout the year, the price of replacing your windows remains constant year round. With top manufacturers continually striving to improve the durability, quality, and energy efficiency for their window products, each season brings new innovation to the window industry.

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