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Traditional Window Styles

Traditional is the most common style of home found in the United States today. Traditional design includes a number of different styles—including both designs that are uniquely American and those that were inspired by European architecture.

These styles varied considerably depending on the areas they originated from. For example, in America, there are a number of classic styles—whose designs were created to accommodate a diversity of American lifestyles that varied considerably from North to South and East to West.

Cottage Style

Cottage style is common across the United States, but particularly on the East Coast. In the South, cottage style homes are commonly found in the form of bungalows—and popular housing style in old textile and mill towns that emphasized simplicity and functionality. In the North, cottage style homes were popular along bay and ocean fronts.

Cottage style architecture incorporates craftsman elements like bay windows, window shutters, arched windows, and arch top doors. The homes feature traditional facades—most commonly wood and cedar shakes.

Victorian Style

Victorian style, although a traditional architectural style, is actually relatively modern. Victorian architecture first became popular in the middle 1800s. Victorian style features a lot of decorative ornaments that prior to the industrial revolution were not easily produced.

The industrial revolution, for the first time, allowed for design elements that performed no practical purpose to be easily and affordably acquired. This resulted in a rise in design elements that are common in Victorian architecture—curves, gabled roofs, wrought iron brackets, patterned shingles, and bay windows.

Classical Style

Classical architecture is a style inspired by the Greeks and Romans. Classic architecture is rare among residential structures in the United States, but is commonly found in government buildings and churches throughout the country—particularly on college campuses and in state capitals.

Although windows were not commonly used in ancient Greek or Roman architecture, classical style buildings today often use single or double hung windows with wooden grilles or simulated divided lights to maintain a traditional age-old look.

Neoclassical Style

Neoclassical architecture is inspired by classical architectural elements, but is more residential in focus than classical style. Neoclassical architectural styles includes Georgian, Federal, Antebellum, Greek Revival, and Beaux Art styles. These styles can be found throughout the country, but they can vary from region to region.

Neoclassical architecture incorporates symmetry, columns, and a variety of classical decorative aesthetic elements into the design.  Single and double hung windows are the window of choice, and arch top windows are also popular design elements included in neoclassical design.

Traditional Window Manufacturers

Our Pick for Traditional Windows: Weather Shield

Here at Quality Window & Door, we like Weather Shield windows for traditional style windows. Weather Shield has an extensive selection of window and door products with a variety of design choices and features.

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If you are seeking traditional style windows for your home, Weather Shield has dozens of design options and thousands of color and style combinations to give your home an authentic traditional look.

Weather Shield Premium Series windows are architectural grade windows that can be manufactured to meet a number of designs. From traditional craftsman style windows to modern window styles, the Premium Series can fit the architectural needs of virtually any project.

Traditional Windows in MD, VA, DC

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