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Screening Large Openings with Centor Integrated Door & Screen Systems

Do you love spending time walking through nature and enjoying the fresh air? Are you searching for a better way to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home? The latest high-end integrated door systems from American door manufacturer Centor can provide your home with an expansive space with the latest technology. These luxury home door systems transform your space to provide a sleek, functional, and customizable space to enjoy pristine views and fresh air.

Traditionally, large door openings such as French doors or sliding doors were a challenge to screen. Homeowners had to compromise style for function, meaning bulky insect screens or heavy drapes. Centor’s Integrated Door and Screen Systems allow high-end homebuyers to remove these compromises and screen large openings with sleek, unobtrusive designs. Read on to learn about their many benefits for your home!

To transform your space with Centor’s high-end integrated door and screen technology, contact Quality Window & Door in the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia area for an estimate today!

Centor Integrated Door and Screen System

The Best Customizable High-End Doors from Centor

When it comes to exceptional views and unique patios, bigger doors and windows are better to help you enjoy the space. But historically it has been a challenge to screen these large openings. Thankfully, Centor’s 65+ year history of engineering excellence has solved the problem of screening large openings, including even the widest French doors, bi-fold doors, or sliding doors spanning as wide as 24-feet.

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Centor doors are known for their customizability, and the integrated door and screen systems are no exception. You can choose from a variety of wood species, special ordered custom colored aluminum frames, and stylish shades in three patterns with up to 10 color choices each.

Thanks to 40,000 hours of research and development and 14 international patents, the world’s first integrated door systems from Centor have completely changed the concept of what’s possible when it comes to engineering top-of-the-line doors.

What Are Centor Integrated Door Systems?

The world’s first integrated door systems from Centor is a new range of patio doors that elegantly work together, removing visual distractions with built-in vanishing screens and shades for full control of privacy, sunlight, insects, and natural air. Say goodbye to bulky screens and unsightly hardware and say hello to the breeze and beauty of nature.

Benefits of Centor Integrated Door and Screen Systems

These door systems are the ultimate choice for homeowners looking to add a unique, luxury amenity to transform their home’s indoor and outdoor space. The benefits of Centor’s top-quality, award-winning screening technology include:

  • SafePull™ technology on the exterior handle provides safe operation of the door while allowing the sliding panel to align accurately with the fixed panel for a slim, streamlined look.
  • Uninterrupted views are gained from retractable screens and large openings. Centor integrated doors are free of pleats, joins or folds for clear, wide openings.
  • Exclusive AutoLatch™ technology lets you close and latch even the tallest doors with a single hand movement. Even the youngest members of your family can use them with ease.
  • Increased ventilation allows natural airflow into your home, providing you and your family with extended use and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces with reduced need for air conditioners.
  • Insect-free space achieved without the use of harsh chemicals and sprays. Our protective screens are the first line of defense for fresh air without pesky disturbances.
  • Cleaner air without the hassle of leaves, dirt and other debris from blowing into your home. Enjoy the crisp, refreshing outdoor air with all the comfort and cleanliness of being indoors.
  • Enhanced privacy with two types of beautiful, retractable shades. Light filtering shades filter natural light from harsh sun during the day and with privacy in the evening, while blackout shares exclude all light for complete privacy ideal for bedrooms or media rooms.
  • Robustly weatherproof integrated doors from Centor are approved Florida DBPR for use in coastal zones, withstanding fluctuating temperatures, burning sunshine, and wind. They’re even designed to withstand the winter months all across North America.
  • Energy-efficient results from thermal testing. With the built-in blackout shade drawn, the rate of heat transfer exceeded ENERGY STAR ® efficiency qualifications. The thermally improved aluminum construction gives great efficiency, reducing your energy consumption and also reducing the formation of mold-causing condensation.

Centor Integrated Door Systems screen option

Whether you’re constructing a new home in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia metropolitan area, or you are remodeling your existing space, high-end Integrated door systems from Centor can provide lasting benefits. Call Quality Window & Door to transform your space today!

What types of integrated door and screen systems does Centor offer?

If you’re looking for the ultimate style and technology for your home’s doors, Centor offers several unique types of doors with customizable options to make your space truly unique.

Integrated Sliding Door Systems

  • Symmetric panels to offer greater flow between indoor and outdoor air
  • Asymmetric panels for a larger area of uninterrupted glass
  • Spans up to 11 feet wide and about 9.5 feet tall
  • Seamlessly integrated interior handle
  • Shades and screens that retract into the wall and disappear when not in use
  • Approved by the Florida DBPR for use in coastal zones and harsh weather conditions
  • Integrated insect screens and shades in a variety of patterns and configurations

Integrated Folding Door Systems

  • Spans up to 30 feet wide and over 9 feet tall
  • World’s first fully concealed hinges
  • Natural wood interior paired with durable aluminum exterior
  • Outstanding thermal performance from thermally-improved frames and double- or triple- glazed glass
  • Self-latching magnetic Autolatch™ technology
  • Shades and screens that retract into the wall and disappear when not in use
  • Integrated insect screens and shades in a variety of patterns and configurations

Centor Integrated folding door system

Quality Window & Door is Your Centor Integrated Dealer in DC, MD, & VA

When you’re ready to take the next step and give your DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia home a high-end change, choose Quality Window & Door to install a Centor Integrated Door and Screen System to screen large openings in your home. With several options to choose from, our window experts will help you choose the upgrades and options best for your home.

At Quality Window & Door, we believe in supplying the best products for our customers, and we would never pressure you into making a purchase that might not be right for you. Our educational sales approach will lay out all of the available options for you and guide you being confident in the final selection.

To begin the process of selecting an integrated door and screen system for your home, we suggest stopping by our showrooms in Maryland and Virginia. Here, you can speak to one of our Centor experts about all of the customizable options there are for screening large openings in your home.

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