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How to Choose a Front Entry Door

When you are driving down a road and looking at the houses you pass, one of the first things that draws your attention is most likely the front door and entryway. After all, the front door of a home can speak volumes about your unique design style, enhance a home’s architecture and aesthetic, and even raise your home’s value! But with so many options to choose from, it can be a little daunting. Do you go with a cheery yellow wooden door? A sturdy, neutral steel door? Or an aluminum door with a long warranty? The window and door experts at Quality Window & Door have nearly 30 years of experience helping homeowners choose the best front doors for your home.

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What Is the Best Material to Choose for Front Doors?

Wooden Entry Doors

Wooden doors have been a popular material for homeowners for a long, long time. Not only do they have a great, classic aesthetic, but they’re extremely versatile and can take on nearly limitless shades of stain or paint. These doors are a higher-maintenance option, requiring increased care and attention, but they are the easiest when it comes to repairing scratches. There are some newer wooden door varieties that are made with a veneer over engineered wood, which helps them to resist weathering issues such as shrinking and warping that are common with solid natural wood.

Steel Doors for Homes

If security and durability are your biggest priorities, going with a steel door is a great option. Not only are these doors typically a less expensive option, but they are not prone to cracking or warping. However, any dents or imperfections can be somewhat hard to repair (and many homeowners opt to just replace them). Steel doors typically contain a high-density foam insulation that gives better insulation than wooden entry doors. New steel doors come in a variety of colors and optional decorative glass inserts.

Fiberglass/Composite Entry Doors

A low-maintenance option, fiberglass-composite doors can handle harsh weather conditions like a breeze. Fluctuating temperatures? Humidity? It doesn’t matter with a fiberglass-composite door—which is often why we see such great warranties on these entry door options. These dent-resistant options can also be stained, which can give off a surprisingly wood-like appearance. Although these options can cost more than real wood, these doors are long-lasting and can help give a return on your investment with their high energy-efficiency.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Front Door

What’s the right front door size?

Once you decide on the best material for your front door replacement, another thing to consider is the size of your door opening. The standard size of an entryway is 80 inches tall by 36 inches wide, but your home may require a different size door based on your preferences. If you want transoms, glass panels, wrought iron, or other decorative elements, be sure to keep that in mind when deciding on a door size. Your local door company can help with these measurements if you’re unsure.

What are some popular front door styles?

Ultimately, you want to choose a door that you love, that also compliments the design and architecture of your home to enhance its curb appeal. A classic, traditional style is a paneled wooden entry door. For a more contemporary feel, a well-designed transom can be a beautiful, high-end addition.

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