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Historic Window Manufacturers

The Washington, DC-Baltimore metro area is filled with a number of communities with officially designated historic districts and century-plus year old homes scattered in communities throughout the region. Whether looking for historically accurate windows to meet HOA guidelines or simply looking to maintain the original architectural styling of the house, Quality Window & Door has helped hundreds of homeowners in the Washington, DC metro update their home’s windows without compromising the historic look of their homes.

At Quality Window & Door, we carry a wide range of historic window and door products from many of the largest window manufacturers in the world. We believe in choice and a consultative sales process–allowing you to pick a product and a price range that works with your needs and budget.

What Makes a Window Qualify As Historic?

Historic guidelines can vary significantly depending on the area of the country you live in and even within the specific neighborhood you live in. There is no single definitive set of rules that makes a window qualify as historical. Instead, replacement windows must match the aesthetic of the window it replaced. A window that qualifies as a suitable historic replacement window in one area will not necessarily qualify in another as the architectural styles between those areas may differ significantly.

Our Pick For Historic Replacement Windows

The Weather Shield Premium Series window line features all the details of a historic wood windows but with the latest in advanced innovations. The Premium Series line of windows offers a full line of architectural, historically accurate, window and door products designed to meet the needs of most historical requirements and the expectations of even the most discerning homeowners and architects.

Here in the Washington, DC metro area, there are number of communities with strict historic guidelines that must be met as a requirement of window replacement projects. Although every project in a historic district is judged on a case by case basis, the Premium Series product line is designed to meet the requirements of even the strictest historic district guidelines.

Historic Window Replacement Made Easy

Is it time to replace your drafty old historic home windows that you’ve had forever? Do you want new windows for energy efficiency, safety or aesthetic reasons? Whatever the case may be, you can find the perfect historic replacement windows at Quality Window & Door.

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