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The Trend of French Doors on HGTV & Other Design Shows

When you watch your favorite HGTV shows—Fixer Upper and House Hunters, for example—you may have noticed that French doors are a popular trend right now. Their elegant appearance, the panoramic view they provide to the exterior, and the ability to add value to your home are all good reasons to consider French doors.

But is this style really ideal for your home? Should you replace your front or patio door with French doors? Learn more about this trend to help you decide.

The History of French Doors

French doors have been manufactured since the 17th century. Original French doors were constructed of single panes of glass separated by wood muntins and usually came in pairs. The invention was intended to allow natural light in through a large, hinged window that acted as a functional door.

While the construction of French doors has modernized and expanded with the development of the glass industry, these doors have never gone out of the style. They remain a popular choice for Maryland homeowners looking to bring in more natural light through a door rather than a window. French doors without glass panes also make regal front entrances. They can also be installed as interior doors with or without glass panes.

The Benefits of French Doors

  • Brighten up the room: If your patio door is currently a single hinged door, you’ll love brightening up the interior with double wide French doors, not to mention enjoy a more unobstructed view of the exterior.
  • Open twice as wide as a sliding glass door: Sliding patios doors provide just as much natural light as French doors, but only one side opens. With French doors, you can throw both doors open wide for ample fresh air and greater ease transporting large objects in and out.
  • Add style to your home: Whether viewed from inside or out, French doors are an attractive addition to any home. They improve the appearance of the living room, kitchen, dining room or sunroom in which they’re installed.
  • Increase home value: In addition to their beauty and functionality, French doors may also allow you to increase the asking price of your home if you decide to sell.

Resale Value of Homes with French Doors

If your primary goal is to attract the attention of potential homebuyers, the resale value of new French doors is the most important consideration. Replacing a decrepit sliding door or hinged patio door with beautiful French doors will most certainly increase home value. The trick is to choose a style that complements the other windows and doors in your home. You must also ensure you choose quality French doors that seal tightly and reflect UV light. Proper installation is equally important to ensure the upgrade meets your expectations.

What a French Door Installation Entails

If a double-wide opening already exists, it may be possible to attempt a DIY French door installation if you have prior experience and a few knowledgeable helpers. However, if you need to cut an opening for the doors, always rely on a professional. Cutting an exterior wall is a major job that could threaten the structural integrity of your home if you attempt it yourself.

You’re sure to find a style that suits your tastes from Quality Window & Door’s wide selection of French doors from top manufacturers in the industry. Once you make your choice, our experienced team can complete the installation to your high standards. Contact our experts today to learn more about installing French doors in your Maryland home. We offer free consultations to help get your project started on the right foot.

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