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Divided-Light Windows

You have probably seen divided light windows on many homes and buildings but may have not known what they were called.

Divided-Light Window

These types of windows are called divided-light windows. They have multiple small panes of glass that are separated by muntins or grilles. Divided-light windows can also be referred to as multi-light windows.

Benefits of Divided-Light Windows

Although divided light windows have a historic aesthetic and resemble the Colonial time period, don’t be fooled. They meet modern energy efficiency standards. In fact, many divided-light windows have insulated glass or Low-E glazing. That’s one of their greatest benefits. Divided-light windows offer unique architecture to your home (or school, office building, pool house, etc.) without compromising efficiency or performance.

True Divided-Light Windows vs. Simulated Divided-Light Windows

There are true divided-light windows and faux ones. The good thing is, they look identical – in fact, just standing in front of a window, it would be hard to tell if it’s a true divided-light window or simulated divided-light window. So what makes them different?

A true divided-light window, as mentioned, has multiple panes of glass that are separated by muntins or grilles. Simulated divided-light windows have just one piece of glass with removable muntins attached to both the interior and exterior of the glass, usually with a strong adhesive called VBH tape. Because the grilles are removable, simulated divided-light windows are extremely easy to clean.

Whether you have true divided-light windows or simulated divided-light windows, you have different grille width and design options. Most divided-light windows have nine “lights” (pieces of glass) in a sash, three high and three wide. But there are different patterns available, and your divided-light windows don’t necessarily have to adopt this standard one.

Looking for Divided-Light Windows in MD, DC or VA?

Although a lot of manufacturers don’t make true divided-light windows due to simulated divided-light technology and energy efficiency requirements, there are some that still do – it’s not impossible to get true divided-light windows and doors.

Quality Window & Door offers products from manufacturers that make true divided-light windows (like Parrett) as well as modern, energy-efficient simulated divided-light windows. Contact us today to learn more about our windows and doors!

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