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With all the hype surrounding energy efficient windows—and the grants and rebates that were for years advertised alongside them—you are undoubtedly familiar with the concept of energy efficient windows.

But what makes and energy efficient window energy efficient? With seemingly all window companies advertising that their windows are energy efficient, how do you know who to trust?

At Quality Window & Door, we have a wide selection of energy efficient windows and doors from many of the nation’s largest and most respected window manufacturers. Our sales associates are highly knowledgeable about the replacement window market place and always approach prospective customers with an informative and consultative sales approach. Our goal is to pair you with the energy efficient windows that meet your needs and your budget—not to push a product that you do not want or cannot afford.

If you are interested in installing energy efficient windows at your home in Maryland, Washington, DC or Northern Virginia, contact us today to request a free in-home consultation or stop by one of our showrooms to talk to our representatives and check out our product selection.

We offer two convenient window and door showrooms that are a short drive from virtually anywhere in the Washington, DC metro area.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Windows achieve enhanced efficiency through a combination of insulating frame materials, multiple panes of glass, gas in-fills, spacers, weatherstripping and window coatings. These features work to achieve windows that far exceed the efficiency of outdated single-pane windows. If you’re willing to invest in windows that utilize these advanced features, you can expect to enjoy many benefits:

Save Money

Many homeowners choose energy efficient windows for the opportunity to enjoy a return on investment. If you need to replace your windows anyway, investing a bit more in replacements that use energy-saving technology can pay off in the long run. You’re bound to notice both your heating and cooling bills decline once your new windows are installed.

Benefit the Environment

The energy savings that put money back in your pocket also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help protect the environment. After all, if new windows help your furnace and air conditioner run less, your home’s individual carbon footprint shrinks, which is great news if you want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Improve Home Comfort

Being comfortable is an essential quality of feeling at home. If you’re tired of drafty windows and doors chipping away at your comfort, installing windows that are built tightly for energy efficiency can certainly help. With less air infiltration, it’s easier to keep your entire home the same comfortable temperature, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Protect Your Belongings

Energy efficient windows often come with a Low-E coating to reduce heat gain and lower your cooling bills. But this feature provides an added benefit: it decreases damage and color fading caused by the sun’s UV rays. This means you can more freely let the sun shine in for natural light and warmth in the winter without worrying about your carpet, upholstery and other textiles fading.

How Do Energy Efficient Windows Work?

Energy efficient windows can be made in a number of ways and with a variety of different materials. Generally, energy efficient windows will have a frame made of an energy efficient material like vinyl or fiberglass. It will be paired with double or triple paned glass with an insulating gas between each pane.

Some windows may even incorporate spacers, window glazing, and other options that can further improve efficiencies.

Whenever you are shopping for energy efficient windows, the best way to be sure a window is energy efficient is to look for an ENERGY STAR label. When comparing ENERGY STAR labeled products against each other, consult with one of our window professionals to help you make the best choice for you.

Energy Efficient Windows from Weather Shield

At Quality Window & Door, the manufacturers we source our windows and doors from are some of the best in the industry. Among these is Weather Shield, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience. Weather Shield constantly modifies its product lines to keep up with ongoing research that reveals what makes the most innovative, top-performing windows.

Producing energy efficient windows is a big focus for Weather Shield. This manufacturer uses some of today’s most advanced techniques to save homeowners money on heating and cooling bills when they install new or replacement windows. These include energy efficient glass systems, insulating frame materials and advanced construction techniques. Then, Weather Shield suggests pursuing professional window installation from a local dealer like Quality Window & Door.

Install Energy Efficient Windows Today

Many window contractors in the Northern Virginia/Baltimore/Washington areas only sell their own brand, employing high-pressure sales tactics to win you over. However, you’ll never feel pressured by Quality Window & Door. We strive to educate our customers to facilitate an informed purchase and avoid buyer’s remorse.

Call our office today or schedule a visit to one of our local showrooms to see why we’re the best source for quality, energy efficient windows and doors.

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