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Replacement Process

After the purchase of your new windows and doors the following procedures are closely followed to ensure a successful replacement installation.

1. Final Measurements

Field measurements will be scheduled by a field supervisor assigned to your project to take exact measurements and prepare a list of materials needed to complete the installation.

2. Order Entry and Final Review with Manufacturer

A computer generated material order will be placed electronically by a member of our inside support team based on the measurements provided by the field supervisor. An order acknowledgement will be received from manufacturer and checked carefully by our procurement department to ensure that your order matches the exact quantities and specifications on your agreement

3. Order Released

Your order will be released for production by the procurement manager and a pre construction letter will be mailed to you. This letter will explain all of the details about the installation process, what you can expect from the installation team and what part you will play in order to ensure a smooth and successful installation process

4. Schedule Installation

When your order arrives in our warehouse your inside support person will call to schedule the installation for a time that is convenient to you.

5. Clean-up

All debris will be removed from inside the home and neatly stacked in a designated area. The jobsite will be left vacuum clean on a daily basis. All job related debris will be removed from the jobsite after the job is complete. A final interior and exterior clean up will be done at this time.

6. Final Walk-Through

A walk through will be performed after all windows/ doors are installed. The crew leader will inspect each window or door with you and show you how to operate it. An interior and exterior job site cleanliness inspection will also be done. After your approval you will be asked to sign a completion certificate. If there are any product issues or concerns, they will be noted in writing at this time and turned into your customer service representative.

7. Customer Satisfaction Survey

To ensure your satisfaction, after the job is 100% complete you will receive a Customer Satisfaction Survey in the mail. You will have an opportunity to rate your experience with our sales team, product and installation services.

Installation Crew Project Requirements/Procedures

1. Proper Introduction of Team Leader and Team Members

2. General Overview of the Installation Process

3. Working Schedule: time frame, starting point and daily hours

4. Cleanliness, “Leaving your property cleaner than we found it!”

All floor work areas and walkways in the house will be covered with drop cloths

-Landscaping that is in the immediate work area will also be covered.

-Smoking on client property is strictly prohibited

-Radios are not allowed

-Secure property overnight during the installation process

5. A professional window installation and complete customer satisfaction.

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