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Weather Shield Features

As a premium dealer and installer, Quality Window & Door is proud to carry some of today’s best windows from multiple manufacturers. Weather Shield is one of our top-selling brands, and with good reason! Consider the features exclusive to Weather Shield that makes this manufacturer stand out from the rest.

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Scena-Vu Window

This unique window style features a picture window stacked on top of an awning window in the same frame. This lets you enjoy the scenic benefits of a larger window combined with the fresh air of an awning window. Install up to four Scena-Vu windows mulled together to increase the view and ventilation.

The biggest benefit of Scena-Vu windows is that you enjoy great views and ventilation without a large enough opening to climb through. This makes Scena-Vu windows ideal for children’s bedrooms and other areas that need extra security measures.

No See Um Screen Mesh

Window screens are vital for allowing you to enjoy fresh air without letting pesky insects enter your home. Unfortunately, screens tend to obstruct and distort your view, making you wish you didn’t have a screen after all.

What if you could have the best of both worlds? With the high-visibility No See Um screen available from Weather Shield, you can! This option utilizes a much finer mesh for more airflow and better optical clarity. Improved vision when looking through an insect screen is increasingly important as windows get larger and larger, and homeowners demand better views.

No See Um mesh has a tighter weave compared to fiberglass and aluminum screens. Each thread is ultra-thin, so there are more strands per square inch. This way, the view shines through, and even smaller pests stay out!

EasyCare® Glass

You have a growing number of window coatings to choose from today. One known as EasyCare is certainly worth investigating. This transparent, permanent coating is exclusive to Weather Shield’s Zo-e-shield glazing systems. The EasyCare coating is applied to the window’s exterior pane during the manufacturing process to repel dirt and cause rainwater to “sheet off” the glass rather than cling to it. This causes the water to spread and evaporate quickly, reducing water spots and dirt buildup, so you don’t have to clean your windows as often.

EasyCare is a great upgrade for second-story windows, the outsides of which are tough to clean. Even if you live in a one-story home, this glass coating reduces window maintenance and keeps your view of the exterior unobstructed by water spots and dirt, with limited cleaning required.

Other Great Weather Shield Features

In addition to the exclusive features only available from Weather Shield, you can expect other great energy-saving attributes when you install windows from this manufacturer:

  • Quality frame materials are designed for durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency.
  • Warm edge spacers decrease heat transfer and make windows less drafty.
  • Gas-fills slow the transfer of heat through double- and triple-pane windows.
  • Low-E coatings reflect UV rays back outside for lower cooling bills and less color fading within your home.

Install Weather Shield Windows in MD, DC & VA

If you’re interested in learning more about Weather Shield, we invite you to visit one of Quality Window & Door’s local showrooms in Maryland and Northern Virginia. We have window experts on staff to answer all your questions and help you discover a window style and brand that will work best for you. Whether you decide to install Weather Shield windows or products from another brand, let us perform a professional installation in your Maryland, DC, or Virginia home.

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