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Replacement Window Project in Neavitt, MD

About The Project

This home, built in Neavitt, MD utilizes a number of window and door styles to maximize the home’s stunning view of the Chesapeake Bay. This house is unique in that it has no structural exterior walls. Instead, the home relies entirely on interior walls for support, leaving the exterior walls to use expansive windows and patio doors to take full advantage of the natural beauty that surrounds the home.

For this project, the team at Quality Window & Door collaborated with James McInturff, a renowned architect in the Washington, DC metro area, to select and design windows that would give this home a truly unique design and meet some very specific needs.

The house utilizes a variety of windows and patio doors from Weather Shield, a leading window and door manufacturer based in Medford, WI. In the home, you’ll find wall-to-wall French picture patio sliding doors with no trim, allowing for maximum visibility and natural lighting. Fixed pane windows with expansive views are found throughout the home, maximizing the view of the bay and creating an interior environment with exceptional natural lighting.

On the interior, the windows feature real milled wood frames, pairing the modern styling home with the classical aesthetic and warmth of real wood windows.

The finished project turned out to be a truly stunning property with a one-of-a-kind aesthetic both inside and out.

About Weather Shield Windows & Doors

weather shield dealer in maryland

Weather Shield is a recognized leader in the world of windows and doors. The construction of Weather Shield® Windows and Doors ensures products perform at or above expectations. All of Weather Shield’s products are backed with over 55 years of experience and a warranty that reinforces a commitment to quality.

With six product lines, Weather Shield gives consumers ultimate control over style, operation, and performance of their window and door products. With choices of wood, fiberglass, fiberglass-clad, aluminum-clad, and vinyl-clad windows and doors, Weather Shield has a project that meets any style and budget.

A Word From QWD Partner, McInturff Contractors

When I think about using a window brand, the person providing it, which in this case is Quality Window & Door as often as possible; I just want to work with someone that really, really knows the product. I think from an architects point of view, what we’re looking for to be frank is comfort.

That is not just the comfort of the building, but the comfort that the process is going to be well managed. That somehow what we have placed on paper early on will be transformed into a 3D reality in a pretty seamless way. In an organized way that we participate in, but moves in a regular predictable way with no problems.

You don’t form a 20 year relationship with somebody where there is no success. From the product to the service, all the way down to the knowledge, which is why I continue to work with Quality Window & Door as my window supplier & installation contractor.”

– Mark McInturff, Bethesda, MD

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What makes Quality Window & Door unique is our educational sales process and our non-proprietary selection of replacement windows. Many window contractors in the Baltimore-Washington-Northern Virginia area sell only their brand and employ high-pressure sales tactics. You’ll never get “hard closed” at Quality Window & Door. Call our office today or schedule a visit to one of our local showrooms and you’ll see why we’re the “go-to guys” for many of the top builders, architects, and commercial property management companies in the area—as well as discerning homeowners!

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